The Ever-popular Links Page

These are the pages and people who helped make A Company of Wolves possible and enjoyable.  From technical help to medical advice, this is where I get to thank them and send a few people their way.

 Live Free or Die!
My alpha's page - one of several.  Like democracy?  Like freedom?
Know your rights.

  The Sith Academy
More great on-line fiction, this dealing with the characters from those movies. Funny stuff, occasionally NC-17 rated. (Be aware, this site does feature "slash" fiction.)

Want your computer to do things Bill Gates never intended?  These are the guys to show you how its done.  Patches, skins, they've got it all.

 B. J. Zanzibar
Cutting edge of White Wolf gaming.  If you need something to confuse and terrorize your players, chances are you can find it here.

 The Online Journals of Medea Sin
The true confessions of an artist/martial artist/doctor living in Chi-town.(AND he draws great toughgirrls too!)

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