sisterly love indeed ...

Sometimes your family can drive you crazy.
Sometimes they come through for you in the pinch.
Sometimes they're just there.
Sometimes they're all of the above.
Like these two.

        Boudiccea came into the world sixteen seconds before Sappho.  They both think that makes a difference.  They're so alike they have the tendency to drive each other crazy.  But when they stand together, they can rock the earth under their feet.
        Boudiccea is the warmer of the two: she's seen it all (or at least most of it all) and yet still believes that deep down, people are all right.  That they're kind and compassionate.  She's usually the voice of mercy for her husband, Tommie Gunn, and their children, Bruce, Jeremy and TJ.
        Sappho, on the other hand, is hard, tough and untouchable.  She's spent years building the ice wall that seperates her from the rest of the world, and beware to anyone who tries to so much as touch it.  She's definatly the voice of severity, and she reserves her harshest criticism for herself.
        Boudiccea has already fought her battle with the white man's poison:  Sappho still lets the drink run away with her.
        Boudiccea loved, was lost, and now has returned to her family and mate.  Sappho loved and lost, the hard way.
        Boudiccea is shorter, softer and calmer.
        Sappho is taller, more angular and inwardly seething most of the time.
        Boudiccea is married with three children and one on the way.
        Sappho is a single lesbian with one child, now deceased.
        Such different lives.  But such similiar women.
        As Tommie once noted; one got all the luck, the other all the heartache.
        You'll meet them in these pages.

        Thanks for reading.