Tor Steelskin


    Tor was born a wolf in the Black Forest of Germany. His father is a ForestMeister. When Tor went through his first change, his father took him in and he spent the next three years learning to read and the customs of humans. Tor also learned about Heavy Metal. He learned to play the guitar, and when he was equal to the human age of 18, his father let him go to America to follow his dream to be famous. Tor joined a few bands, but none had his drive. Then he formed a band of all Werewolves called Primal Urge. They made a record that had a song make the top 10. They continued to tour, but every full moon Tor is forced to transform to Crinos. They started going out and fighting the Wyrm's incursions into the Wyld during the full moon. They were asked to go to New York to help guard a Caern against the Wyrm, Tor eagerly went in search of Glory. They gained much in repelling the Wyrm, and some Fame playing in Central Park. (after ridding it of criminals) It was there that Tor met Bruce and his family, going with them against the Wyrm. He also met a talent agent which got him a record contract, Primal Urge is now a band on the rise.

Tor appears 20, although he is only 6. (wolves mature quickly, now he ages as a human) he has long black hair and blue eyes, he stands 6'6 and weighs around 300 pounds of muscle (in Glabro, he never goes to Homid form) he wears a black leather jacket and jeans. He has a guitar dedicated (Werewolf Ritual) to him, so he is always ready to play.