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      I was sleeping in a small theater on the edge of Los Angeles, were my English teacher recommended me to see premiere, "Hamlet".   The group of actors was not too talented and played boringly, so I fell to sleep.   I have seen the Russian movie, "Hamlet", in the Ukraine where I was born.   It was a great show and after that I couldn't see the Shakespeare's drama by comedian actors.   The premiere had finished and audience left the hall.   I woke up when the girl, around sixteen years old, touched my shoulder.
      She was beautiful and ugly at the same time.   Her not too long hair was tight in two plaits on the both sides her head.   When she was smiling her big blue eyes pulled me to her, but her fangs among the white teeth pushed me out.   I felt a feeling of horror but my curiosity rose higher than fear.   "Hi, - I said to her - how are you?" She wasn't afraid me but by some sense she turned around and quickly ran away.   I saw a bold tail above her ass.   "She was a partly animal, like a wildcat, and she was a girl of human being." - my mind did conclusion and my feelings of fear and interest were mixed.
      There was gloom and aisles between long branches seemed like labyrinth.   I went to the massive door and opened it.   The next room had a similar labyrinth of aisles.   The horror in my soul was growing and I began to say something loudly when I was walking to another door.   I kicked it and quickly went out.   Nobody met me on my way, but I felt somebody's sight on me.
      This was around 11PM, night began and very few people were on the street.   When I reached the corner of the block, I noticed two men who inspected my car on the empty parking lot.   I came in fury and ran in their direction.   They noticed me too and began to run away.   I was close to them, so I could see their unusual nature.   One of them had short horns and long tail, another was a normal man with athletic figure.   Their moving was too fast for people.   They easily jumped over a six-foot height fence in the theater backyard.   My car was locked and had no any damages.   I didn't feel fear about my own life because I was too worried about my car.
      "Something is strange about this place." - I thought, amazing.   Before I opened the car, one very nice man approached me from the theater.   He wore black tailcoat and cylinder hat.   His long hair was neatly styled.
      "Are you OK?" - he asked me first when I was looking at him.
"Yes, all right", - I answered.
"We have to talk but this will take a long time, so I invite you to the theater.   Don't worry about the car; the guys who ran away from you are securities for it.   You shouldn't refuse because we were waiting for you.   Susan, your English teacher told me about you and sent you to the theater.   I know that you have learned Computer Science, and you like mystical stories, and Susan herself.   You can help us in our being.   Susan will help you in all of your possible needs.   Please, don't refuse, and help us", - he asked me sadly with a smile on his face. "Who are you?" - I asked him.
"We are vampires. - he answered, and continued, - Do you know about Lestat?"
"Yes, I read the book, written by Anne Rice, and I couldn't believe that it is true."
"You're not right about that.   Louis, who became a vampire because of Lestat, told her the story himself.   Certainly Anne is a writer, but not a vampire, so she changed and added something in."
"So, Susan is a vampire too?"
"No, no! Don't think so, she is just our very good friend.   Please, don't refuse?"
I was wondering how could I help them?   But I agreed and went back with him.
      We entered in a big living room where there was a rectangular table with different kind of food and drinks.   He was very hospitable to me and I felt myself grow comfortable.   He began to tell me all of I needed to know.


      It has happened in Susan's vacation time.   She just returned from Texas where she had visited her parents.   Her Los Angeles' friends invited her to Malibu, where they supposed to give her some lessons of scuba driving.
      Susie is strong and pretty woman, twenty-five-year old with education of Bachelor of Arts.   She just received a job in the LACC as English teacher.


      Jesus said, that when two or more people talk about him or his teachings, he is present among them.   You know this is true, but true is when several men talk about Devil or somebody else, they are present among them too.   So, if most people will talk about Jesus, he will have more power among Hosts of heaven than others.   The same things as with Jesus going to have place with the other Hosts or even people who is alive.   Vampires have their own Hosts of heaven, who take care of vampires' behavior and style of their lives.   But, like as people, not all vampires trust in Hosts and follow their directions.   So, some of them have chosen their own way.   For instance: There are vampires like Armand, Lestat, Louis and several others.   Armand created his own little world in France, but life of this world is illegal among people, so he afraid exposure.
      This world has not too many real vampires.   If we match them to population of people, their count will be one to million.   The others are half-vampires, because of bad behavior of some reals.
      Susan and you. are first example of cooperation vampires and people without blood mixing.   I try to make a new society in this world, where vampires will not kill people for the blood.   They will become like one of men's nations and have the same rights as people keeping interaction with each other.


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