EQUATE Infra-Structure Project

Shuaiba, Kuwait

EQUATE, formerly Kuwait Petrochemical Joint Venture (KPJV), selected Fluor to perform program management, supervising the overall execution of a grass roots petrochemical complex and preparing the coordination procedures, specifications, and plans.

Our scope included complete engineering, procurement and construction for the offsites, utilities, and infrastructure. The total installed cost for this mega project was $1.4 billion.

This petrochemical complex, located within the Shuaiba Industrial Complex, included the following plants:

Offsites and utility facilities

The facility was project financed by a combination of partner equity and commercial bank loans. KPJV used the export credit agency support for the project as the means to provide the required loan guarantees to the commercial banks.

Technologies for the ethylene glycol and polyethylene were licensed from Union Carbide, and for the ethylene plant from Brown & Root, Inc. The technologies for the mono-ethylene glycol and polyethylene units were provided by Union Carbide. KPJV purchased the technology employed for the ethylene unit from Brown and Root, Inc. Detailed facility scope packages were prepared for each unit.

  • Company: Fluor Daniel International Ltd. - EQUATE Infra-Structure Project
    Location: Ahmadi, Kuwait
    Position: Local Area Network/cc:Mail Administrator
    Duration: March 1996 to August 1997

    Solely administered a network consisting of two (2) units of Hewlett Packard LC file server running on Novell NetWare 3.12 and 5 units of Hewlett Packard 24-port AdvanceStack hubs. Also administered one (1) unit of Lotus cc:Mail post office for the site. Provided hardware, software and networking support to the 95 PC workstations of the client and Fluor Daniel attached to the network. The workstations are running on DOS/Windows 3.11 for Workgroups and Windows 95. Provided software support to the end-users with regards to the use and operation of Lotus Smartsuite (AmiPro, 123, Freelance) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) application packages. Coordinates with network administrator's of other Fluor Daniel offices regarding e-mail mailbox transfers and software system changes.