Arnel's Web Page
Arnel's Web Page
Arnel's Web Page

Hello and welcome to the personal page of a Arnel. This is one of my contributions to the Internet and my very own homepage.

An exciting feature of this personal home page is that it has a unique navigation menu bar which is similar to Microsoft's Outlook program. Please do check-in and see for yourself.

Please take note that this web site is still under development and we appreciate any feedback.

This web site is optimized for use with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above. Other browsers can be used as long as it can support in-line frames. It also contains web pages that have MS Interner Explorer 5 extensions and that these features may not work and produce an error when viewed using other browsers.

A screen area of 800x600 (or higher) and 24-bit True Color is recommended for the best viewing results.

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