Data Processing Service Center

Naval Supply Depot - U.S. Naval Facility

The picture above is an aerial view of Naval Supply Depot's Admin Division, Contracts Division, Accounting and Data Processing Service Center. The whole area of the Ship Repair Facility is on the foreground along with the floating drydock on the left plus some U.S. Navy warships on the right. It consist of a landing ship (on the right) and some frigate/battle cruiser. The city of Olongapo is on the background along with part of the Zambales mountain range.

The DPSC Building is located at Alava Pier as noted on the picture on the left. This is the wide building with a white roof adjascent to the road along the dock side. Photo courtesy of

  • Company : Naval Supply Depot - Data Processing Service Center
    Location: U.S. Naval Facility - Subic Bay, Philippines
    Position: Operations Analyst
    Duration: July 1990 to August 1992

    Prepared and established processing schedule of jobs controlled in batch process. Created system logical flowcharts and run guides in final form to produce end products in terms of logical decisions and machine instructions. Fully responsible in the accuracy and completeness of all data inputs, computer processing and output reports of the programs ran in batch process during the assigned shift period. Coordinates with the on-duty supervisory computer operator regarding program operations troubles, system errors and hardware malfunctions. Coordinates with the on-duty data entry supervisor regarding input problems on the information and data entered. Coordinates with the applications programmers regarding program deficiencies, revisions, documentation changes, testing and installation of new applications. Attends development meetings during a programs design and implementation stage. Keeps aware of the current processing status of all jobs in batch process and special runs. Receives and maintains current individual run packages for all existing program runs and keeps historical file record of completed jobs. Coordinates with outside customers regarding inputs "due-in" and output reports "due-out". Provides information and update on the status of requested program run and reports required.

  • Company : Staff Civil Engineer Office, Naval Communication Station - San Miguel
    Location: U.S. Naval Facility - Subic Bay, Philippines
    Position: Engineering Technician (Computer Aid)
    Duration: June 1989 to July 1990

    Controlled a PC system together with its input-output devices and control programs. Plans all computer program requirements and logic to create computer-generated reports and charts for submission. Develops coded machine instruction and encodes all inputs prepared by the SCE staff. Carry out necessary corrections, additions and deletions of entry to update stored information. Responsible in the storage of computer disks and keeps record on information stored in disk. Routinely inspects all computer systems and peripherals to insure that they are in good working condition. Acts as department ADP Security officer, conducts and implements standard operating procedures for all SCE computer users.

    Provided assistance to the station's computer systems analyst in responding to on-site and/or on-call consultation and support services to the end-users by identifying and resolving hardware/software problems. Also assists the systems analyst in the development and testing of new programs for station users as required by other departments. Acts as co-SysOp of the station's remote bulletin board system (RBBS) with the station's systems analyst. Conducts station personnel (civilian and active military) training on the application programs and software installed regarding usage, data-entry and update procedures, input preparation and report generation.

  • Company : Staff Civil Engineer Office, Naval Communication Station - San Miguel
    Location: U.S. Naval Facility - Subic Bay, Philippines
    Position: Computer Programmer Trainee
    Duration: August 1988 to May 1989

    Acts as computer programmer in various data processing management studies related to software analysis, development and use. Work includes but not limited to the entry and update of the U.S. Navy Special Projects Systems (projects costing $1,000 up to $2,000,000). Created programs for the data-entry, information update and report generation of the Safety-related Works, Weight Handling Equipment Inventory List, Overall Project System (Minor maintenance work and specific construction jobs), Base-wide Telephone System List and other work with the use of the PC.

    Uses various programming and software packages for office automation such as Clipper, dBase III+, SuperCalc 4, WordStar, Lotus 123 and Sideways.