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Brent White's Whatever the Heck I Am Thinking Blog
Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Okay, enough adulation

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Reverend Falwell is gone and I can't hold my peace anymore. Listening to neocons crow about liberals making light of Falwell's death is sickening, especially given the fact that Falwell and Pat Robertson didn't mind making a political statement against all kinds of progressive causes two days after September 11th. I'm tired of the self-righteous hypocrisy.

Look, I'm not saying the Bible is a piece of trash--it's not--but to sit here and get all apoplectic over gays violating the book of Leviticus and overlooking the fact that shellfish, fabric blends and milk and meat are ALSO forbidden in that same book. Ask a Falwellite about that, and they either change the subject or scream "Moral Relativism." How can it be Moral Relativism when a progressive does it and just holding people to consistent standards when a neocon does it? Can someone explain this to me without calling me a Godless liberal or crowing that "the Christian white male is the only group it's still okay to make fun of?"

Speaking of inconsistency, let's talk about evolution for a minute. I hear the biggest argument is that Evolution violates a law of Thermodynamics, which clearly states that you can't have order out of chaos without some kind of force making it so. That refutes the Big Bang theory. Fair enough.

So, in all your work in Chemistry, did you ever take Physics? One of the most basic tenets of Physics is that an object sitting still tends to stay so unless acted on by an external Force. Well, how the HELL did God make it happen then? If he's a spirit, how did he manage to create things without causing some kind of physical force?

Think about it.

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Posted by a_jwhite at 7:37 PM EDT

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