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1. B. Sc. (HONS. in PHYSICS & Mathematics and  Chemistry as ancillaries),  B. H. U., Varanasi, 1986.


2. M. Sc. (PHYSICS),  B. H. U., Varanasi, 1989.


3. One Year Orientation Course in Physics,   BARC Training School, Mumbai, 1990.


4. Ph. D. (PHYSICS)  B. H. U., Varanasi, 1999.


Thesis Title :  Spectroscopy Of Atoms And Molecules : Structure And Dynamics Of Rare Gas & Hg-Like Atoms, N2 And Solid H2


5. Postdoctoral Research, MIT, USA (2001-2003)


PRESENT POSITION                   :      Scientist at BARC


POSITION HELD SINCE        August 1, 1990


EXPERIENCE                          :    1990 Present   Scientist in BARC.

                                                  :    1989 -1990  :  Training School, BARC.

  :  Teaching of  Postgraduate course on Atomic and Molecular Physics to Trainees in Physics at BARC Training School for the past 7 Years.

MEMBERSHIP                        :            Indian Physics Association

SPECILIZATION                      :   (1)  Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of 

                                                            Atoms and Molecules

                                                      (2)    Beam-foil Spectroscop

                                                      (3)    Ab initio Calculations of Multipole

                                                            Moments, Spectral Intensity and

                                                            Radiative Lifetimes

                                                      (4)   Spectroscopy With

                                                           Synchrotron          Radiation Sources

    (5)  Laser Spectroscopy