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GAME FACT: Use button 1 for long passes and button 2 for short ones.

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Reviews (0-9 / A-M)

10 Yard Fight

983 (1-2 Players)



Overview and game play

10 Yard Fight is an American football game for 1-2 players. One coin is required per player and the game starts with high school level and then increases in difficulty to college level as the game progresses. Each player takes turns to control their team against the CPU with the joystick and buttons 1 and 2. Button 1 makes a long pass of the ball and button 2 makes a short pass. The game starts with the CPU team kicking off and the players quarterback catching the ball. The player must then run up the field and use his team members to block tackles from the CPU as long as possible until an inevitable end to the initial run occurs. The game then switches to a series of plays that the player must proceed through to achieve a touchdown in the limited time period available. The following are several aspects of the game that effect the success of the players game:



Don't pass if the line of the pass will take the ball anywhere near a free-running defender.

At the kickoff, you should aim to get to at least the opponents' 40 yard line, if not further. Use your rear defenders on the run up the field!

When making a play, look carefully at the your opponent's deployment. Are they all over the right hand side? Then wait till your runner is over the left, get the ball back to the quarterback and pass straight to the running back. Then run straight up the left-hand side. When doing this, on either side, keep as close to the edge of the pitch as possible. If you're going to get tackled, quickly dodge off the field to end the play.

You can also send the running back up the field, and run around with the quarterback until there's a pass available. It is possible to send the running back way up the top right of the screen, and then run back and left with the quarterback as quickly as possible, doing a huge cross field throw at the last second. The opponents would get sort of "caught in the scroll" as the ball when diagonally across and most times the running back would be away with no one anywhere near him.

You can also run the quarterback straight through the pack - this is only sensible when you're at the 5 yard line or so.

Down the ball as soon as you make 10 yards if you have any time left. This is because you can make 10 yards in 15 seconds and get 10 seconds back for a net loss of 5 seconds. It takes 30 seconds to make 20 yards and doing it in 1 play will get a net loss of 20 seconds (30 - 10), but doing it in 2 will only lose 10 seconds because you get 2 10 second bonuses (30 - 10 - 10). Once the clock runs out in mid-play just go as far as you can and hope it's enough to get more time.

Learn the defense formations. Once you find the correct pass route for a particular formation it will work consistently.

If you see a hard formation and you are short on time, your best move may be throwing an interception and hoping for an easier formation. This works best when you have 7 to 10 seconds left and don't think you can make ten yards or get downed before time runs out. Don't try it with less than 7 seconds though. 6:xx probably won't be enough time.

Run to the right during "first contact" after the kickoff. There is an extra computer guy waiting on the left side. The best way to use the top blockers is to let the middle blocker connect, move straight right until the top right blocker connects, then head up again.

You can do a forward pass after a lateral. This will cut through a few formations that are hard passing from the quarterback position. If you time it well a diagonal pass left (right running back to a left receiver) can miss an active middle defender. If you run the ball, use the receiver to block for you. The game doesn't have "pass interference" calls so you have to be careful not to do this by accident.

10 Yard Fight, despite its lack of many play features of more recent American Football games, is a challenging and addictive experience with game play that inspires additional play.



The graphics of 10 Yard Fight are good for a game released in 1983, featuring characters that are recognisable and animated relatively well. A yellow jersey denotes the player holding the ball and this simple use of colour actually helps the player identify whom s/he is controlling. The screen scrolls smoothly during a kick-off and the ball actually appears to arc when kicked a long distance, which adds to the gameís realism. The football field is simply designed but has a logo in the centre of it to differentiate it from just a big green square.




Some digitised sound effects are used, which although barely recognisable are quite good for an early 80ís game. Chip-based music plays in other parts of the game that is average for when the game was released.



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