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Game Fact:  You can roll rocks down tunnels to kill enemies.

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Reviews (0-9 / A-M)

Diamond Run

989 (1-2 Players)


Overview and game play

Diamond Run is an Ariel view maze game for 1-2 players where the objective is for the player to collect diamonds while avoiding monsters and creatures in the play area. One coin is required per player who each takes turns to control a small person on-screen by moving the joystick either up, down, left or right to make the person move in those respective directions. Each player starts with 3 lives and if a monster touches the players’ character or if the player’s character is squashed by a falling rock s/he will loose one of the lives and when the player has no more lives the game is over. An energy bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen and when the scene has been cleared, any remaining energy is converted into bonus points. Once the player has amassed 200,000 points, an extra life will be awarded. At the top of the screen, the word “door” is written and below it a number, which indicates how many diamonds the player must collect in that scene before s/he can exit through a door to the next scene. Collecting diamonds is achieved by making the little person walk over a diamond and when enough have been collected, any doors that are in the scene will turn light blue to show the player can go to them to exit to the next scene. As the game progresses, more diamonds must be collected to complete scenes and the difficulty of the game gradually increases.

An interesting aspect of the game design that contributes significantly to the game play is that as the player moves, he leaves behind a path, which creates an open space that can be occupied by any game object, the player or an enemy. The player can therefore create paths that avoid enemies completely to collect diamonds, or make his/her character walk in directions that cause certain events to happen. For example, a spider may be in one area and a rock may be in another area above the spider. If the player walks beneath the rock but above the spider, the rock will fall down to kill the spider. If an enemy is killed, it will leave behind diamonds for the player to collect. The player must be careful not to trap his/her character beneath falling objects and must carefully plan routes to take in later scenes of the game. The idea of using tunnels in a maze environment was first featured in another game called “dig dug” and creates numerous strategy decisions for the player.



A further feature of the game that adds to the game play is that when space has been made, rocks and other objects can be pushed by the players’ character to either land on an enemy or to be moved for strategic purposes. A tunnel can therefore sometimes be prepared prior to pushing a rock down it, killing the enemies below



The graphics and animations in Diamond Run are average for a late 80’s game, featuring detailed characters and mediocre backgrounds. Each scene is larger than the visible game area; so planning routes to obtain the required number of diamonds becomes increasingly important as the game progresses.   




A synthesized tune plays throughout Diamond Run that is about average for a late 80’s game. Digitized sound effects are used for most on-screen actions which add to the game play.




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