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GAME FACT: Keys are needed to open doors. 

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Reviews (0-9 / A-M)

The Legend Of Hero Tonma

989 (1-2 Players)



Overview and game play

The Legend of Hero Tonma ("LHT") is a cartoon style platform game for 1-2 players. One coin is required per player and each player takes it in turn to play. The game begins by displaying a map entitled “ruins” with a small, animated hand pointing to where the hero starts his quest. The hero can move in eight directions and pressing button 1 causes him to fire bullets in the direction he is facing from his hand in a manner similar to a wizard. The standard weapon he has can be upgraded several times by collecting ‘P’ icons that can be found throughout each level or by shooting treasure chests that sometimes reveal power-up’s or items that change all enemies into gold coins. The hero can collect gold coins to add to his score and in 2 player mode one can compete with another player to see who can achieve the highest score. Pressing button 2 causes the hero to jump and this allows him to access high platforms to get power-ups or collect coins and to progress further in the game. 

Enemies of various types inhabit each level and do their best to obstruct and kill the hero. The hero is able to jump on top of most enemies, but a touch from an enemy anywhere else or from a bullet means instant death.



An interesting aspect of the game play in LHT is that doors separate various sections of some levels and for the hero to open them he must find and collect a key that is usually located nearby. This simple concept of exploration leading to progression in a game adds much to the game play and is a feature that has been developed by many modern 3D games in the arcades and especially on PC’s and games consoles.



Both the background and character graphics in LHT are good and detailed. The players’ character is cute and wears an outfit complete with super-hero gloves and a little blue cape. The death animation of the player is quite good: he disappears and his little cape floats to the ground as he looses one of the 3 lives he starts with. The various enemies are equally well drawn and all have a cute cartoon style that is quite endearing. In the first level, some coffins on platforms start to shake as the player approaches them and when he is near enough, skeletons with rags on them that resemble the traditional image of the grim reaper burst out of the coffins and float towards the player. Other enemies have their own unique animations and ways of attacking such as a monster that extends is very long tongue to touch the hero!. The backgrounds are varied and not at all repetitive as in some games. Locations range from: tombs full of upright graves and a mountain with numerous plateaus to a giant tree and a huge castle




The sound effects in LHT are all pleasing and of a good standard for a late 80’s game. Inserting a coin produces a tom-tom drumbeat and most of the other sound effects appear to be digitised. Good music plays throughout LHT, containing some interesting melodies.



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