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GAME FACT: Adjust stance in the opposite direction of the wind to keep the ball on target. 

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Reviews (0-9 / A-M)

Major Title (Japan)

990 (1-4 Players; simultaneous)



Overview and game play

Major Title is a golf game for up to 4 players who each take turns to play over an eighteen-hole course. One credit is required per player, and each of the golfers wears a different coloured sweater (either red, yellow, blue or purple) to enable easy identification. The game options available are: 1-4 players stoke play or 2-player match play. The former is a contest to determine how many strokes are required over 18 holes and the latter is a head-to-head match over 18 holes for 2 players. 

Once the type of play has been selected, the game starts at the first hole with a view behind and to the side of the golfer. A small box contains a picture of the ball and what sort of terrain it is on. At the top left of the screen the remaining distance between the golfer and the hole is shown in yards. At the top right of the screen a flag with a number on it shows which hole is being played, and the par for the hole is shown below that. A large map of the course for the hole is on the right of the screen, and the wind direction and speed in meters is shown below that. At the bottom of the screen, 5 boxes contain details relevant to the players next shot that can be selected and/or modified prior to swing the club with button 1. The first box contains the word ‘club’ and is highlighted in blue at the start of each hole. Moving the joystick left or right allows one to select an appropriate club for the remaining distance to the hole. Pressing button 2 activates the next box, “direction”, and additional presses of button 2 highlights the next box with each press. By pressing left or right on the joystick while direction is highlighted, one can move the player to face the hole from a different angle. A white arrow on the course map represents the current direction towards the hole and this can be aligned with the hole. The third option is stance. Stance can be moved left or right depending upon the wind direction shown at the bottom right of the course map. Strong wind means a sharper stance in the opposite direction to counteract its effect, while light wind requires less adjustment. The fourth box is power, which can be adjusted with a left or right movement of the joystick. Finally, there is a box that is only active when in 2 player match play called “give up”, which allows a golfer to forfeit a hole and proceed to the next hole when he knows he has lost the hole in play.



Once the necessary adjustments have been made, the golfer can strike the ball with button 1 and the display switches to an overhead view with the ball in flight. The same process is repeated until the golfer’s ball reaches the green. If a player takes too long to make the preparations for the next shot a text box appears with a time countdown from 5 seconds to zero. If the ball has not been hit after the countdown the player will incur a penalty stoke. Penalty strokes are also incurred where the ball goes out of bounds or if it lands in water. When the ball eventually reaches the green the display changes to show an overhead view of the green with the remaining distance in meters and centimeters to the hole displayed at the top left of the screen and a box on the right of the screen shows the player executing the put upon pressing button 1. The overhead view of the green shows the shape of any peaks or troughs on the green’s surface so one can take account of that in gauging the amount of power required as well as the distance to the hole. A box with an arrow in it shows the wind direction and when putting only two options are available: direction and power as the club is automatically chosen as a putter and stance is not available because wind has less of an impact when putting.



The graphics in Major Title are about average for an early 90’s game. The animations are basic but nevertheless sufficient to represent the action. The player remains still if he is over par after putting, and clenches his fist if he is on par. If a birdie is scored, the player raises his arm in triumph! If a penalty is incurred, the player shakes his head in a depressed manner. Some simple parallax scrolling is used effectively to convey the sensation of movement while the player is walking between holes or when the player is changing direction while preparing to take a shot.




Music plays during some parts of the attract sequence and in the preliminary menus after starting that is average for the year Major Title was released. While in play, the music is more subdued and plays quietly in the background. The sound effects are digitised and range from crowd cheers and the golf ball being whacked to impact noises of the ball against objects such as trees.



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