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GAME FACT: Press button 1 while on a ramp to jump further. 

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Reviews (0-9 / A-M)


985 (1-2 Players)



Overview and game play

Metro-Cross is a horizontally scrolling action game for 1-2 players featuring cartoon style graphics. One coin is required per player and each player takes turns to guide a character in a yellow jumpsuit through an obstacle course within a fixed time. The course becomes increasingly difficult to navigate as the game progresses and the objective of the game is to complete all the courses and achieve the highest score possible. To control the character, the player can move the joystick in eight directions to make him walk, run or stop. Pressing button 1 makes the character jump, which is necessary to avoid some of the obstacles. Each course is set within a futuristic corridor reminiscent of the Arnold Schwarzennegger film, “The Running Man” and the characters yellow jumpsuit in the film and in Metro-Cross is another similarity they share.

The actual concept of Metro-Cross is simple, and to make the game more fun numerous obstacles have been added to help or hinder the players’ progress. The obstacles vary from holes in the floor to tiles that slow the player down and hurdles to ramps and cans of a super drink that speed up the player. At the bottom of the screen there is a progress gauge that shows how far in the round the player has travelled in addition to the time remaining. When the players’ character crosses the finish line, the time remaining is converted to bonus points and the next round then begins. If the player fails to get to the finish line within the time limit, their character will be electrocuted and the game will be over.




Metro-Cross features pleasant graphics that are of a good standard for a game released in 1985. The courses are well designed and have clearly been play tested sufficiently to ensure they can be completed within the allotted time for each round. The obstacles are interesting and varied enough to make Metro-Cross a fun game and include items such as a skateboard which the player can ride over tiles that would ordinarily slow him down if he were on foot. The scrolling of the screen is smooth and the animations in the game are well executed and contain some humourous elements such as how the players’ character is squashed as flat as a pancake if hit by a rolling can or the animation of the character gasping for air at the finish line of each round. As well as an animation for jumping there are also good animations for the character when: riding a skateboard, somersaulting over ramps and being electrocuted for not completing a round on time.




Pleasant and cheerful chip-based music plays throughout the game and a little jingle plays at the end to show that the game is over. The sound effects used are average for a mid-eighties game and add some feedback to the players’ movements.



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