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GAME FACT: Special weapons can be activated at any time after a scroll is collected by pressing button 2 

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Reviews (N-Z)

Youma Ninpou Chou (Japan)

986 (1-2 Players)



Overview and game play


Youma Ninpou Chou (Japan) (“YNC”) is an eight-way scrolling shooter designed for a Japanese only audience. Although only some of the text in the game is in English, it is possible with some practice to figure out the game play, which is similar to several other games in the shooter genre. One coin is required per player for 3 lives and the action starts immediately with the hero flying around armed with a bow and an unlimited supply of arrows to shoot all oncoming enemies by pressing button 1. The hero meets increasingly difficult situations along his journey and can upgrade his weapon by shooting a green statue that sometimes appears to rise from the ground. When shot, the statue reveals a red scroll and when the player touches the scroll a weapons menu appears at the bottom of the screen, as well as a counter that counts down from 20 to zero. The menu contains pictures of weapons that the player can use: 1. shruiken, (fires large shruiken in 8 directions); 2. bomb (fires a single bomb into the screen that explodes in 8 directions); 3. orbs (3 orbs circle around the player); 4. spear lazer (a large spear shaped lazer); 5 4-way bazooka (a bazooka gun shooting 4 missiles with each blast); 6 air-blast (a wide air blast); 7 Mini tornadoes, (four tornadoes surround the player wherever he goes); 8 clone (2 copies of the player are produced who move and fire in whatever direction the player moves). The special weapons are not activated until the player presses button 2. This is a welcome feature, as it allows player to decide when they wish to deploy their special weapon. When button 2 is pressed, the counter counts down from 20 to zero and during this time the player can make use of any of the special weapons by pressing button 2 repeatedly until the desired weapon is selected and pressing button 1 to fire the weapon. The use of the special weapon ends either when the player has used it for 20 seconds or if a bullet hits the player or if he collides with an enemy.



YNC is action-packed and is a fast-paced game that requires dexterity and quick thinking for a player to succeed in attaining a very high score.


There is no mistaking the origin of YNC. The hero begins the game by flying on a cloud, shooting demons in a manner reminiscent of the cult Japanese TV show from the 1980’s “Monkey” and the whole game’s design is very much influenced by Japanese culture. Enemies include monster heads, ninjas, giant frogs, killer centipedes, and insects. The backgrounds vary from cloud landscapes, forests with temples and a lake on which the player sails in a boat. The scrolling is smooth and the weapons are well designed, which adds to the frantic gameplay.






The chip-based music in YNC is energetic and pleasantly appropriate for a Japanese action game. The sound effects are also well suited to represent different weapons used by the hero and other events throughout the game.



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