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GAME FACT: Jumping over 2 or 3 animals at a time will give you higher point bonuses.

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Reviews (N-Z)

Zoo Keeper

982 (1-2 Players)



Overview and game play

Zoo Keeper is a simple platform game for 1-2 players requiring one coin per player. The player’s objective is to guide a zookeeper up, down, left and right to build a wall to prevent the zoo’s animals from escaping. The wall is built along a predefined rectangle that appears at the centre of the screen and bricks appear beneath the zookeeper’s feet as he runs along. Any animals that are roaming around the inside of the zoo will be trapped within the walls and will bash themselves against the bricks of the wall to escape. The wall gradually erodes as the animals try to free themselves, so the zookeeper must continue to build the wall from all sides to prevent the animals escaping. If animals do escape, the zookeeper must avoid touching them or he will loose one of the three lives he starts with. In the two-player game, each play takes it in turn to play and to try and obtain the highest score possible.

At the end of each round, the player is awarded a bonus for each animal that he successfully keeps within the zoo and different bonuses are awarded for different animals. The animals and the bonus points awarded are: elephant (250); snake (500); camel (1000); rhino (2000); moose (4000) and lion (30,000+++). The animals that escape from the zoo stroll along the outside of it and can come into contact with the player. However, the player can jump over them by pressing button 1 and points are awarded to the player for how many animals he successfully jumps over per jump: 100 points for one animal; 500 points for two animals and for jumping over 3 animals in one jump, the player will receive 2000 points.



Some levels consist of the zookeeper trying to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by a monkey (a similar scenario to that of “Donkey Kong”). The game play consists of the zookeeper trying to get to the top of the screen by leaping on to moving platforms with each level of platforms travelling either left or right, alternately in a manner similar to the platforms in “Frogger”. The monkey throws coconuts at the zookeeper and if he is hit, he will fall down. Bonus items appear on the platforms randomly to add points to the players score and when the girl is rescued she exclaims in text “My hero!”



The graphics are quite basic and blocky, but are of a good standard for an early 80’s game and are quite colourful. It’s possible to recognise each animal and bonus item. The animations are simple but do not diminish the game play in any way.






People who once owned or used a Spectrum home computer would probably hear the similarity in the music and sounds used in Zoo Keeper and those in Spectrum games. The sounds do not accurately represent the on-screen action in a realistic sense but they nevertheless convey a sense of interactivity that adds fun to the game play. For 1982, the sound and music is about average. Music is only played at the beginning of new levels or in intermissions. At other times, the sound effects are played



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