Why Margarita
Margarita is one of the pearls in the Caribbean sea, it has an excellent climate and it's not affected by the hurricanes the hit most of the islands further north. The temperature on the island is on average around 28-30  degrees Celsius all year. There are sunshine every day on most parts of the island. The island is 941 sq. km and most of the built up area is in the south east part of the island. The rest of the island do have smaller villages and many beautiful beaches. The island also do have some mountains and rain forest, while the rest of the island is semi desert. About 400.000 people lives on the island, but this easy doubles during tourist seasons like Easter, August- September and Christmas.
The island has many hotels and resorts from the most simple to the best. The language is Spanish but as the island has many international visitors so there are also English and German speakers around especially in the hotels and restaurants. Most of the people are Catholics but services in other religions are also available.
The islanders are decedents from Spanish people settling here with some mix of local South Americans.
Other people that has settled on the island comes from Europe and South American countries.

Diversions on the island:
Casinos, Bingo, Bowling, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Entertainment park, Water park, Beaches and more beaches, Fishing, Diving, Golf course, Tennis, Horse riding.

Facilities on the island:
All types of telecommunication, Wide band connections to internet, Cable and satellite TV, Medical centers and hospitals, Bilingual schools,  Bus and taxi services. National and international banks. Most of the common credit cards like Visa, Master card, Diners and AMEX are accepted in most establishments and shops.

Shopping on the island:
Duty and tax fee shopping, modern shopping centers, several large supermarkets.