Travel to Margarita
The best way to get here from other parts of the world is to fly here unless you arrive here by cruise ship or sail here yourself. There are also a ferry service from mainland Venezuela.
There are several airlines running direct charter flights here from Europe that are also taking regular passengers.
They may not be as comfortable as the regular airlines but the shorter travel and the price may make them more attractive. You will find their links below.
The other way to get here is to fly regular airlines via Caracas, Venezuela. I would only recommend this if you are an experience traveler and in this case it would also be handy if you speak Spanish. If you do travel from Europe, depending of  the time your airline arrives in Caracas, it may be difficult fly direct to Margarita the same day. It's also an idea to check with your travel agent for extra flights for holiday seasons like Easter and Christmas.
This is as it stands February 2002, things could change. If you can't get this flight you will have to stay overnight in Caracas and this could require some long (1-2 hour) taxi trips. During the day it's plenty of flights. Caracas - Margarita, so if you do arrive with other flights than direct from Europe you can find connections. From most countries you would not require a visa to visit here, You will normally get a form to fill in on the plane or at arrival to the airport here, or at Caracas if you coming that way.  We can arrange to pick you up at the airport but taxis here do have fixed fares and should not be a problem.

Please check following sites for flights:

Martinair     Dutch charter company. Search for flights to  Isla Margarita.

Condor - Ihr Sonnenflieger  German charter company.

Web Site de Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela Airline that has regular flights from Caracas.

Air Transat If you going to fly from Canada this is your airline.