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The Valley
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Click for more pictures from beautiful Stryn
Click for the website of Norsk Villakssenter, Lærdal
Indre Nordfjord (inland region of Nordfiord) with the famous tourist location of Stryn and the glacier Briksdalsbreen is situated a couple of hours drive to the north. In the region of Indre Sogn  (inland region of Sogn) you will find a wealth of beautiful sceneries and a number of attractions, among them the salmon centre  Norsk villakssenter.

Click for more glimpses from Den Norske Bokbyen

Click for the website of Reiseliv for Førde og Gaular

Den Norske Bokbyen (The Norwegian Book Village) Fjaerland is definitely well worth a visit for bookworms even if they can't read Norwegian.

The neighbouring municipality Foerde has a lot to offer as a shopping and cultural centre for the region as well as unspoiled nature and beautiful scenery.

Click for the website of Gaularspelet

Click for information about Florø

Gaularspelet is a historic play which is performed some summers, the last time in 2000 in Osen, Bygstad with the title Kjærleikssaum (Love seam).

The coastal town of Floroe ia located 1,5 hours by car westwards.
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