Disc 1
1.People Need Love (2:45)
2.Another Town, Another Train (3:13)
3.He Is Your Brother (3:18)
4.Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)(2:57)
5.Ring Ring (3:00)
6.Waterloo (2:42)
7.Hasta Manana (3:06)
8.Honey Honey (2:54)
9.Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) (3:11)
10.So Long (3:06)
11.I've Been Waiting For You (3:39)
12.I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (3:16)
13.SOS (3:19)
14.Mamma Mia (3:32)
15.Fernando (4:10)
16.Dancing Queen (3:49)
17.That's Me (3:14)
18.When I Kissed The Teacher (3:06)
19.Money, Money, Money (3:05)
20.Crazy World (3:46)
21.My Love, My Life (3:51)

Disc 2
1.Knowing Me, Knowing You (4:01)
2.Happy Hawaii (4:22)
3.The Name Of The Game (3:56)
4.I Wonder (Departure) Live Version (4:27)
5.Eagle (5:47)
6.Take A Chance On Me (4:01)
7.Thank You For The Music (3:51)
8.Summer Night City (4:12)
9.Chiquitita (5:26)
10.Lovelight (3:18)
11.Does Your Mother Know (3:14)
12.Voulez-Vous (4:21)
13.Angeleyes (4:16)
14.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (4:46)
15.I Have A Dream (4:43)

Disc 3
1.The Winner Takes It All (4:54)
2.Elaine (3:44)
3.Super Trouper (4:10)
4.Lay All Your Love On Me (4:32)
5.On And On And On (3:30)
6.Our Last Summer (4:19)
7.The Way Old Friends Do (2:53)
8.The Visitors (5:46)
9.One Of Us (3:53)
10.Should I Laugh Or Cry (4:26)
11.Head Over Heels (3:45)
12.When All Is Said And Done (3:16)
13.Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (3:34)
14.The Day Before You Came (5:47)
15.Cassandra (4:50)
16.Under Attack (3:44)

Disc 4
1.Put On Your White Sombrero (4:26)
2.Dream World (3:35)
3.Thank You For The Music (Doris Day)(4:01)
4.Hej Gamle Man (3:19)
5.Merry Go Round (3:18)
6.Santa Rosa (3:01)
7.She's My Kind Of Girl (2:39)
8.Medley (Pick A Bale Of Cotton/On Top Of Old Smokey/Midnight Special) (4:24)
9.You Owe Me One (3:24)
10.Slipping Through My Fingers/Me And I (Live) (8:37)
11.ABBA Undeleted (23:25)
・Summernight City
・Take A Chance On Me
・Just A Notion
・Rikky Rock -n- Roller
・Burning My Bridges
・Here Comes Rubie Jamie
・Hamlet 3 Parts 1&2
・Free As A Bumblebee
・Rubber Ball Man
・Crying Over You
・Just Like That
・Givin' A Little Bit More
12.Waterloo (French/Swedish) (2:39)
13.Ring Ring (Swedish/Spanish/German) (4:20)
14.Honey Honey (Swedish) (2:57)

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