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1. What is ABN?

ABN is designed to be a catch-all group incorporating the best of what all of the other nude-art newsgroups have to offer without their limitations. It is geared towards the serious collector, the amateur and professional photographer, as well as the general reposter and lurker.

2. What is on-topic? (See Note 2)

A. All kinds of nude art pictures.

Nude art pictures are any and all pictures of nude people regardless of age, race, and gender that are not deemed pornographic1 or lascivious erotic2. The primary purpose of this newsgroup is the posting and reposting of nude-art, but we also believe that the human body can be a work of art unto itself, thus we allow posting of naturist/nudist photographs (although whenever possible we encourage these to be posted to an appropriate and active naturist/nudist newsgroup). This group by its very nature discourages the posting of ordinary nude pictures that show no artistic merit. If you are unsure whether what you want to post is acceptable, then post an example, (preferably the index) to the attention of the Regular Contributors for clarification and appropriateness.

B. Open minded discussion.

Discussion among group members and regulars is encouraged, including on-topic images from this and other newsgroups, general discussions of a friendly nature between members and regulars, technical information and assistance concerning:

1. The creation, collecting, posting, and reposting of binaries.

2. The creation, techniques, and critiques of photography.

C. Having Fun

Sometimes the mood needs to be lightened and a few "laughing out loud's" (LOL's) and "grins" ( >g< ) need to be typed. To this end it is acceptable to post binaries of a comedic nature provided they are of good taste and do not conflict with 3.A.

3. What is off-topic?

A. Anything of a lewd and/or sexually explicit nature such as pornographic and lascivious erotic pictures. This does not include artistic eroticism3 which because of artistic merit is deemed to be on-topic.

B. Blackcat Scans because they have their own dedicated group, and Blackcat has requested that his scans only be posted there. Scans by Wolfman of the Wolfpack per his request until which time he gives permission.

C. Pictures that upon the verified request of the Photographer/copyright owner (see note 3) should not be posted and/or reposted by anyone (including the photographer/copyright owner and his/her legal representatives), for any reason. This list includes but is not limited to:

1. Jock Sturges
2. Sally Mann
3. Jonathan Gontar
4. et. al.

D. Movies and video captures regardless of topic or format. Though some movies would be considered on-topic, they are usually bulky and sometimes difficult to use. Discussion of on-topic movies is acceptable.

E. The posting of software and/or cracks even if the software is on-topic. Requests for software, whenever possible, should be replied to with a URL of the location where it can be downloaded.

F. URL's are off-topic if they are for paysites. Personal and/or free sites are acceptable when placed in the message body. If a picture contains an URL of an obtrusive nature or for a paysite it is considered to be spam and off-topic.

G. Spams, flames and trolls are unacceptable and should be reported to the appropriate abuse address. For the newbies:

1. Spam is any advertisement for a paysite or post that monetarily benefits the person posting it.

2. A flame is a rude or obnoxious post or reply. Care should be taken before the post or reply is judged to be a flame.

3. A troll is a person who purposely attempts to disrupt a newsgroup.

H. PGP and other types of secured messages are off-topic.

If you can not post it to the NG then it should be e-mailed to that person or placed in a group such as alt.anonymous.messages or alt.binaries.picture.nude Discussion of PGP is acceptable provided it does not contain secured messages.

I. Flooding the group is unacceptable.

Posting of binaries should be limited to not more than 100 per day so that everyone can have a chance to post and download images.

J. Pictures of celebrities with no artistic merit are considered off topic. (This includes "Oops" pictures, paparazzi style photos and video captures.)

K. Non-nude and catalog underwear scans are off-topic.

L. Crossposting is rude and therefore off-topic.

The only exception being if an agreement is reached between the Regular Contributors of ABN and another NG, in which both parties find it to be mutually beneficial.

M. The "magicscans" as the photographer has request they not be posted for the following reasons: poor quality scanning and no proper credit given.

4. What is a CRC file?

A crc file is a text file that is used by collectors to insure that the files they download are originals and have not been renamed or resized. You can read a crc file in a text editor but to have the full benefits of this type of file you should download the program JPEG Sheriff that can be found at:

5. Repost should be directed to

A repost would be considered any post of a binary that has been posted within the last month. Leniency will be given to five or less binaries if requested. (See Note 2.)

6. The present incarnation of alt.binaries.nude was founded by

BlueDragon, and a group of fellow founding members and early posters: Free Spirit, toadz the Dragon Hearted, JennyK, Over@nd.out, PicBoy, Ronin, Solarius, Don, Leviathud, Mudlark, Jeffrey, Skip, Eric Boutilier-Brown, Faustus, Cando, and Tisianne.

Important decisions (such as modifications to the FAQ and judgements about whether a posting is on-topic) are to be dealt with by the active regulars in the group at the time the question arises by a "majority rules" vote. A vote shall be conducted in this manner: The question is raised by a separate post with a subject line "CALL TO VOTE". The posting will be left up for one week (reposted if necessary) to give regulars time to discuss it and cast a vote in that "CALL TO VOTE" thread only. A person is deemed a "regular" by an informal process: if they are regularly active in a capacity positive to the group / community, their right to vote is recognized. Votes will be counted yes or no, and the simple majority wins. Abstentions will not be counted: the voting body consists only of whichever Regular Contributors register a vote during the week the question is posted. Anyone may comment or offer suggestions without actually voting.


1. Pornography is defined as any and all material (regardless of medium) that is lewd and/or sexually explicit in nature. This includes any blatant show of a male erection or the female's labia minora and/or any act of a sexual nature such as cunnilingus, fellatio, coitus, sodomy, sado-masochism, masturbation, bestiality, urination, and bondage. When in doubt please refer to U. S. federal law, 18 USC Sec. 2256.

2. Lascivious eroticism is defined as any and all material (regardless of medium) that is intended to excite the viewer in a sexual way. This includes material that gives the appearance that the person being photographed is sexually aroused, or which depicts blatant fondling of the breasts or genital organs for the purpose of arousing the viewer. Pictures that are sexually stimulating to one person may not to be to another, so broad leniency should be practiced.

3. Artistic eroticism is defined as any and all material (regardless of medium) that may arouse the viewer in a sensual way. This includes but is not limited to poses that give the appearance that the person is sexually aroused, and may also include the touching but not fondling of breast and genital organs. This type of eroticism should be judged on the over all artistic merit and is considered on-topic.

Note 1: Some pictures of a nudist nature may sometimes seem to cross the line of the above definitions, but because of their context may be acceptable. The same applies to some professional photographers who because of their artistry, status and general acceptability are not considered to be pornographers. Although a wide latitude will be given regarding posts, a far stricter enforcement will be used for posts of children under the age of eighteen with an emphasis on being overly zealous.

Note 2: Off-topic post, that do not conflict with secs. 3. B, C, F, G and L can be made to with a text post in ABN referring to the post. ABP.Nude is considered a sub-group of ABN and is subject to the ABN FAQ.

Note 3: The group shall elect a panel of three regulars who will serve a term of one year, whose sole duty is to maintain the list of off-topic photographers/copyright holders in section 3. subsections C. of the FAQ. A panel member can step down at any time or be removed for lack of participation in the group. All terms shall end on April 1st, at which time a new panel is elected. Any panel member may be re-elected. Upon the group learning that a photographer/copyright holder does not wish that his/her photographs be posted to usenet, the panel will verify the request and inform the FAQ Keeper to make said changes. They also have the power to remove any Photographer/copyright holder from the list who has reconsidered and will start allowing his/her photographs to be posted.

This FAQ and the Group(s) herein referred to are dedicated in loving memory to Debra C. Parma (Rinİewind) who gave so much of her time, effort, dedication, love and humor to usenet. 12th July 1973 - 5th November 2001

- amended by group vote 30th January 2002
- amended by group vote 15th May 2002
- amended by group vote 25th May 2002