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Focusing with manual Camera

Minolta Manual Focus Camera

Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Manual focus camera focused by looking through the viewfinder while turning the focusing ring on the lens until the area of image you want to be sharp comes into focus.
Focusing screen usually have :

Focusing Screen

1 and 2 - Split image rangefinder . It really split image into two parts. When subgect not in focus parts of image
shift one to another , so by bringing parts together,you focus the camera.
3 - Microprism
4 - Groung glass

Image not in focus
Image in focus
Not in Focus 
Focused properly 

Advatages and disadvantages of each focusing zone

Each focusing aid works best in certain situations. For instance, you may prefer split-image focusing when you're photographing a building because there are straight lines to focus on. But if you're taking a picture of a crowd of people where prominent lines are hard to find, the microprism and ground-glass systems of focusing are easier and faster. In addition, the ground glass offers the advantage of showing you what part of the picture is in the plane of sharpest focus relative to other parts of the picture. The ground glass also lets you preview depth of field over the entire image area if your camera has the feature that permits this.

Practice focusing your camera until you do it so naturally that you don't have to give it a second thought.

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