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Limba romana
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Ion Tuculescu
A tempest is coming !

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Old Monasteries 
and Churches

Golia Monastery in Yashi
Saint George New Church 

in Bucharest
Arbore Church in Bukovina

Events and Media

Romanian cultural events taking place in United Kingdom
Romanian Cultural Projects and Links

Cultural Events in Targu Mures

Foundation "First"

Revista 22


Brasov Brasov Philharmonic's Orchestra
USA Country Music

Romanian Rock Music


The National Theater "I.L. Caragiale" in Bucharest


The National Museum of Art of Romania in Bucharest
Ion Tuculescu - at The National Museum of Art of Romania 

Taking Brancusi Off His Pedestal

The National Brukenthal Art Museum

Institute for Romanian Cultural 



Discover Eminescu

The icon of the star that died
Slowly the vault ascended;
Time was ere it could first be spied,
We see now what is ended.
So is it when our love's aspire 

Is hid beneath night's bowl,
The gleam of its extinguished fire
Enkindles yet our soul.

Online Romanian Library
Humanitas Publishers


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