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Limba romana

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Your parents or grandparents where from Romania ?
Read something about the places they came from and see some old and new pictures.

They have a page with old pictures of Iashi (from around 1920).
See The Old Seal of Iashi that was used around 1880 at
You can see pictures of :
 "The University Alexandru Ioan Cuza" build in 1860 by King Cuza and his 
friend  Kogalniceanu (a great historian and most probably a free mason).
"Trei Ierarhi" Church build around 1642 ! See also
The "Copou" Gardens where Eminescu, Creanga and other famous Romanians used to walk and talk.
The "Galata" Monastery build in 1584 !
The Metropolitan Church of Moldavia, build between 1834 - 1880
The "Golia Monastery" build in 1660. They have a very nice and interesting page,
 unfortunately only in Romanian but with some splendid photos of the monastery.

The following is an address of a virtual museum of the Romanian Village. 
Around or even in Iashi there were village houses such as those in  this museum. 
Unfortunately the site is very poorely organized and you need much patience to find something near Iasi. 

Here you can find some interesting information in English about  museums in Iasi and more links : 



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