Thank you for applying to the Associates Program. Your 
application has been tentatively approved. We will contact you by email

after we have visited your Web site and given your application final 
approval. Your final approval email will include instructions on
how to login to our members only area, Associates Central.

IMPORTANT: SAVE THIS EMAIL. It contains your unique Associates ID.
If you aren't familiar with HTML, you'll want to wait for your final
approval email that allows you to login to Associates Central where
you'll have access to our deluxe, automatic link building feature,
merchandising tips and a large assortment of logos and graphics.  You
may also do all of your account changes and check your earnings and
traffic online using Associates Central.

* Your unique Associates ID is: aboutromania

If you want to get started now you may use the examples below to create
your links. If the e-mail program you are using presents the following
HTML examples in a difficult-to-read format, then please visit our
Linking page to see how to set up your links to  The Basic
Linking page contains linking instructions as well as examples of how
the links will on your site:

There are three basic ways to link to
1. Link to our home page.
2. Link to individual products you recommend.
3. Link to us with an Search Box.

You may use graphics and reviews for the products
you recommend on your site. You may also use up to 100 cover art
Add or remove links to at any time without our prior
As long as your links follow the prescribed linking format, our
will automatically track visitors who use your Associates links to

You can get started immediately by linking to our home page or placing 
an Search Box on your site. We'll start tracking the click-
throughs and orders generated by these links after we have reviewed and

approved your application. You'll receive a separate email as soon as
have completed our review, letting you know if your site has been 

1. Home Page Link

This is the quickest, easiest and most popular way to get started. 
Simply choose an Associates logo or button from our Logos
Graphics Library at

The logo you choose, used in conjunction with the Home Page 
link, will allow you to earn 5% of sales for all qualifying items 
purchased as a direct result of your link. Please note that the
is an example of one of the graphics you can save to your computer's 
hard drive to use in conjunction with the home page link.  You can use 
any graphic you'd like, just be sure to use the name of the graphic you

choose to replace home.gif in your HTML shown below. Home Page Linking Format:
Here's how the link should look in your HTML document:
<a href="">
<img src="home.gif" border="0" alt="In Association with">

2. Individual Product Link

This is where you can employ your expertise on the subject or genre of 
your choice. You can also earn up to 15% in referral fees for books and

5% for CDs and videos or the sale of any other products generated 
through your Associates links! Featuring specific books and other items

with personal recommendations is a great way to encourage your visitors

to make a purchase. Your personal recommendations also add value to
site, especially if the items you review and recommend dovetail with 
your site's content. Your customers will appreciate objective, third-
party opinions that only you can provide.

"ASIN" stands for "Amazon Standard Item Number." Every item in our
has a unique ASIN. For books, the ASIN matches the ISBN.  For example, 
here is a book that we've chosen to put in your Individual Product 
Linking Format called The Greatest Generation.  You'll note that the 
number listed at the end of the URL is the ASIN for this particular 
If you take the ASIN number  from ANY item you choose to feature,  you 
can place it in your link shown below as we have done with The Greatest

Generation.   You can repeat this link with as many different ASIN 
numbers as you want. 

Your Individual Product Linking Format:
Here's an example of how the individual product link should appear in 
your HTML document:
Order <i>The Greatest Generation</i>

You may change your individual product links at any time without our 
permission.  They'll be automatically detected and tracked correctly.  
Please note, however, that the ASIN number is different for each item 
and will need to be changed accordingly. Do not include spaces or
in the ASIN number when creating your individual product links. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If you copy the URL of a page from our Web site and 
modify it to fit the linking format above, then be sure to remove the 
17-digit shopping session ID that appears at the end of the URL. Your 
unique Associates ID should immediately follow the ASIN number as in
example above. If you leave the 17-digit shopping session ID in your 
modified links, then they will not track sales properly.

3. Search Box Link

Visitors to your site can use's powerful search engine to
find any product if you place a search box link on your site. 
You earn 5% on every qualifying item purchased through this link. Don't

forget to download the Associates Search Box graphic from the Basic
Linking page at

Go to the Search Box example and place the pointer over the
logo in the search box and save it to your computer's hard drive. You 
will then need to upload the image to your files. For additional 
information about how to download graphics, please visit:

Here's an example of the HTML for the Associates Search Box 
including your Associates ID in the HTML.  You may cut and paste this 
directly from this document.  Be sure to save a copy of the Associates 
logo discussed above in the same place as you save your HTML.
<TABLE BORDER="1" CELLPADDING="0" cellspacing="0" align="center">
<TD BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" align="center" valign="middle">
<font face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="-1"> <b>Search:</b></font>
<SELECT NAME="mode">
<OPTION VALUE="books">Books
<OPTION VALUE="music">Popular Music
<OPTION VALUE="classical-music">Classical Music
<OPTION VALUE="video">Video
<OPTION VALUE="toys">Toys
<OPTION VALUE="electronics">Electronics
<TD ROWSPAN="2" VALIGN="middle" ALIGN="center" BGCOLOR="#ffffff">
Enter keywords...<br>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="keyword" SIZE=20 VALUE="">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=tag VALUE=aboutromania><br>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" BORDER=0 VALUE="Search" NAME="Search">
<TD VALIGN="top" ALIGN="center" BGCOLOR="#000000">
<A HREF="">
<IMG width=125 height=60 SRC="logo.gif" BORDER="0" VSPACE="0"
ALT=" logo"></A>

We ask that you prominently display's logo or a text link 
somewhere on your site that says "In Association with". 
will identify that you are working with to bring your 
visitors the best service available.  We encourage you to link the logo

or text to the Associates Program information page so that your
will have a better understanding of the Program and your relationship 
with us.  If you're planning to issue any announcements or press 
releases regarding your Association with us, please contact us for

Your unique Associates ID is: aboutromania
Contact e-mail Address:
Contact address:
Dragne Emilia
Baba Novac 22  Bloc  24C  Ap 68
Bucuresti Sector 3

Bucharest,  OF POSTAL 77
(401) 647 92 07

Payee e-mail address:
Payee address:
Dragne Emilia
Baba Novac 22  Bloc  24C  Ap 68
Bucuresti Sector 3

Bucharest,  OF POSTAL 77
(401) 647 92 07

Please email us at with any questions you have
we will be happy to help.
Once again, thank you for your application.

The Associates Program Staff
Earth's Biggest Selection