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Welcome to ACD, Linking Canadian's to the Internet ...... and Beyond.
About Us, Privacy,
ACD is a privately owned, created website which operates from a dinky little office in Oakville, Ontario Canada. We are average Canadian's trying to make it easier for you to find Canadians & other International webites with quality information and resources. Your support has made us a permanent Canadian Internet prescence, for which we thank you immensely.
PRIVACY; We don't collect E-mail address. We haven't the time or the inclination to upset you with unwanted trash email, SPAM is illegal, and immoral. We hate spam, period. We never, ever send you spam using information submitted to ACD or sell, trade, swap, give or anything similar in any way. Please note that we currently use FREE online forms and information you send may be collected by them. Unfortunately we have no control over this at the present time.
Thank you for using the Anything Canadian Directory, you make it worthwhile,
ACD Team,
................Al, Laurie & Rob