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Freebies & Other Stuff
Freebie Software*
FPXpress - Windows FrontPage Express web page editor.
JPEG convertor courtesy of iPhoto/ PhotoIsland.
WebPosition GOLD - Search Engine Submission Software DEMO GO FOR A TEST DRIVE
Ezine Assistant - Create, manage, and keep ALL your text files organized with this FREE Software
Pop-Up Killer - Stop those annoying pop-ups with this freebie.
Evidence Eliminator - Been to a few websites you wish you hadn't ?? Clean up your Hard-Drive here.
Ace Popup Generator is totally FREE, all functions work and is simple to use.
*** We had lots of other free software but an imbecile deleted what we had stored in our public Yahoo briefcase. Too bad this idiot has ruined it for others. We also hope this person seeks a therapist.
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* All software downloaded becomes the responsibility of the end user. ACD offers no support or warranties whatsoever. Technical support may be available within the software. ACD will not be held responsible for any damages in any way. By downloading any of our free software you agree to these terms and absolve ACD totally of any damages incurred.