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Zurfing For Hits
Join Our's, We Will Join Yours!!
*Sign up at any of the "Surfing For Hits" program's below, (Using OUR link of course) and TELL US of a "Surfing For Hits" website NOT listed here, we will gladly sign up for yours. In case we recieve more than one entry for the same site, we will use the date and time the email was recieved . Send an Email with your "Surf for Hits" link Right Away
Program Name Hit Ratio Start Page Level's Read Email Earn $$$ Banner Buy Hits Signup Hits Other
WebMasterQuest 1;1, 1;2 Yes 5 Yes Yes YesYes Yes ???? Lottery, More
Click-Rush 1;2 Yes 5 No No No Yes 1000 Need 200 for 1000
No More Hits 1;2 Yes 6 No No * Yes 50 Shows your page
Key-Hits 1;1 Yes ???? No No No   200  
Hit Spawn 1;2 Yes ???? No No No Yes 500 **Many bonus's
Traffic Flare 1;3 Yes 6 No No YesYes Yes 200 Free E-book
Mail4Clicks 1;2 No 5 Yes   No Yes 100  
ExitBlaze * 1;1 No 4 No No No No   Popup
AutoClicking 1;2 Yes 4 No No No Yes   Shows your page
Clicks-4-U Yes Yes 3 No Yes No Yes   Shows your page
*Exitblaze is not considered a "Zurfing" link, we just like the idea of the guaranteed hits.