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Welcome all to the Acme Boyz Cosplay site. Filled with pic's (soon) of cosplayers from Anime Expo and maybe some other cons.


I made this site to help promote the idea's of cosplaying and Anime because it's fun. The Acme Boyz have been cosplaying since Anime Expo 1999, and we will continue to every year.

Check back every once in awhile to find updates and pics of our costumes and other cosplayers. Also coming soon, convention reports, as soon as my photo's are developed from AX2001...

We're watching you...

10/15/01 - Currently making the Acme Boyz Cosplay Project. It will be up soon
08/18/01 - Found out that guest book is acting up, so it might not let you sign it. Try it anyways...
08/17/01 - After cleaning out my room, I found some pics from AX98 and AX2000. I need to scan them at a friends house, so check back for them soon. Pic's for AX2001 will be developed soon.

All the Black Mages are watching you, so please sign the guest book...but beware!!! Guest Book has been acting up, so it may not let you sign it, but try anyways.

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