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Nephilius (Joost Hegle, Trondheim, Norway)  09.07.2002
The cd is beginning with the monumental " Anyway, you can do it!". It has a big touch of Godspeed You Black Emperor but also som extremely peaks of pure noise driven guitar morbidity, so intensly felt that you could feel that all your bodily bones are shivering like leaves in the wind. I feel some King Crimson combined with a bit of Captain Beefhearts twistedness and a touch of Barto Pond.
One of the best recordings in I have heard in the last couple of years.
Listen to the last track "Smale Stone", I just felt like weeping, so beautiful.
25. Bieler Festival Biennoise (Switzerland) 26.01.2001
Aus verschiedensten unter Drogeneinwirkung konsumierter Platten kreieren diese jungen Talente ein eigenes Universum aus instrumentalem Postrock und Psychedelika.


Nephilius-Review "deep into the nowhere"

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