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Job site tattoos


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A narcissist is someone better-looking than you are.
-- Gore Vidal


The "R" is for Rob (Shadoin), and the "L" is for Leanne, his wife of 10 years. He told me he made this tattoo himself, using a Bic pen and a lighter!


Mark Dwyer's inner child plays peek-a-boo.


Another do-it-yourself tattoo, Chris Worthington's Zen/Hot Wheels image.


Missy Daisy.

An excerpt from "The Illustrated Dan", by Ray Bradbury

"Setting foot on the red planet, his eyes fixed on the ambling mountains near the North Basin, reminding him of his sister's boils. 'Lance them,' Dan thought, 'lance them dry.' Dust kicked-up from his foil colored space boots, making every, arid step a mininature experiment in wind resistance dynamics. S(#Q, his Martian wife of 12 years, waited for him in the Space Port Lobby, a styrofoam enigeered masterpeice for New Whitehall. S(#Q would comfort him, knowing how Dan was tormented by his sister's boils. He saw his wife waiting. He saw the satin and lace tentacle gloves on her left appendage, and how the mucus glistened from her grotesquely large head.
He let slip his luggage to the floor as they greeted one another, this human and Martian marriage. Enveloped in S(#Q's shrieking sweet-nothings and her mucus slicking his hair, Dan found a moment's peace from his mental images of his sister's boils. It was reciprocal. S(#Q regarded Dan's knowledge of pronouns sexy and his tattoo's inviting."


Dan tells me this is a Sri-Yantra, used for a visual focus point in meditation. A mantra would be the vocal focus of meditation (ie: chanting).


This ornate work was featured in "Tattoo Magazine" two years ago. It's a Borneo Water Ring design, worn by the warriors of Borneo to empower them through respected icons. It includes fire, swords, magic serpants, an inverted triangle, and a band of water.


His left arm features Sanskrit text, a knock-knock joke, actually.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Siddhartha who?
Sidhartha on your arm when that ink needle jams in and out like a sewing machine?



I asked Gene, of Hines Gutters, to speculate much time and money he's got in tats.  He said, "A lot."  I was guessing "a 'whole' lot."  He's a childrens book, and I can't show you the pop-up pages on this site.

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This tattooed leg belongs to Andy, one of the drywall stockers.