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Beaver Addition

Construction Resources, Inc.

Steve Cordell and David Lantz co-own Construction Resources, and are the local dealers for the Arxx Blocks we're using on the addtion basement and perimeter walls.

Arxx Building Products

The Arxx blocks are insulated concrete forms (ICF) used to facilitate a number of steps in building erections. These large, hollow styrofoam blocks stack like Legos by interlocking with surrounding blocks. Setting specified rebar within the hollow blocks and then pumping concrete into the voids creates fire-proof, sound proof, draft proof, and bullet proof walls (generally, only the basement and exterior walls).

Janitrol heating and cooling equipment

Aprilaire heating and cooling accessories

Certainteed building products

Misc Links

This Old House

"We'll build your house in 30 minutes, or it's free."

Contractors From Hell

If I work hard enough and long enough, someday, I just might be able to make it on this site.  Hey, maybe there's some work I could do at your house?!

Totally off topic links...

Walter Miller's homepage.

Walter Miller, thank God you live far away.

Jim Richter's homepage

A nonstop, erotic cabaret.

Joseph's Innocent Inanimate Objects Page

Helpless, inanimate objects blowed-up real good.

Universal Ministries

Take the oath and learn the handshake.

Institute of Official Cheer

Turn that frown upside down, cowboy!  :D

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center


If you were to ever consider another pet cause, consider this one. Located just 30 minutes from our house, this rescue center holds more than 110 cats, for the rest of their natural lives. The circus, out of control "kitten mills", and overly ambitious pet owners contribute to this bizarre plight of abused and neglected exotic cats. Operating on the shoestring budget of donations only (no state or federal assistance is available to such an endeavor), any contribution (be it time, money or their "wish list" items) helps the cause.

Tool Crib of the North hyperlink

My very own tool crib. To see the Tool Crib of the North online store, click the pic.