Beaver Addition


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It's impossible to experience one's death objectively and still carry a tune.
-- Woody Allen


June 12, 2001: an old tree bites it.


June 25, 2001: While digging the trench for the new underground 200amp electric service, I tore open the corner of a cat casket. Gus, Stella, Otis... didn't look long enough to find out - just covered it up and rerouted the trench.


Arguably, John Hartsburg's picture should appear on "The Crew" page, but here's why it's not: in one day, John sliced open both of his hands on rebar burs, got stung by a bee on the neck and checkbone, and finished the day by slicing one hand again. Mamas, don't let your boys grow up to be unskilled labor.


Me and Dan's bloody thumb have a history. Several years ago, Dan was repairing some window glazing for me, when he slipped with a razor sharp chisel and severed the large, top-side tendon on this thumb. Not only was the tendon cut in two, but the strappy tissue which holds the tendon tight against his thumb was also destroyed! In true Dan style, he called me mid afternoon to say what happened hours earlier to him, but assured me the glazing was complete. Asking him for details on the thumb, he said he put a foot of duct tape on it. Twenty-four hours later, he was still in the hospital recovering from emergency thumb surgery, where the tendon was stitched together and a plastic sheath was used to replace the strappy tissue. Well, on July 18, he tried to cut his thumb off again. For safe keeping, I've an idea where he can put his thumb...



Feb. 2002 -- More trees bite it in preparation for the new electric pole.  This pole will get the existing service line (that passes through our backyard) away from the house.  Then, our new service will go to this pole.


March 2002 -- Here's the tree I put out a contract on with Jerry Wallace (see crew page).  On top of 2 boxes of siding, I had stacked some ladders.  Jerry's helpers moved the ladders before the tree was felled, but they left the boxes!  Jerry was totally honorable in the situation, and reimbursed me through a discount on the contract.  As far as a lot of contractors go, that was extremely honorable.

tennis elbow site

Aug 2002 -- Holy cow, I made the Casualties page...  Basically, tennis elbow but with complete tears in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Next week, I'm getting fitted for a hook, just in case.