I'm Adam Dickinson. This is my website. I bought this domain name in 2003 in an effort to promote my photography and apply for a Junior Team Canada Economic Mission. I went to Mexico with JTC and have had lots of fun taking and selling photos over the years.

When completing my bacehlor's degree in business Administration at UNB I became interested in real estate. This interest took me down the path toward becoming an AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute). I work as a real estate appraiser and consultant with de Stecher Appraisals Ltd.

My interet in real estate and a growing belief in social justice inspired me to volunteer on the board of Abbey St. Andrew Inc. I'm glad that we're on our way to opening our 96 unit apartment building in the Summer of 2011. Working with this board has taught me a lot about development and I have benefitted from the wealth of experience around the table.

I plan on adding some photos from some the outdoor adventures I've had over the years. I should also post some more about my activities in the community. It's November 19, 2010 now, we'll see how long this takes.