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My camera and I

The UNB Saint John Business Co-op Graduates in the Spring of 2006.

Me waiting to present as part of the silver metal winning team at the 2006 ABU International Business Case Study Competition

Me enjoying Irving Nature Park

Helping out at a Habitat for Humanity Teardown




2009 Fundy Coastal Experiences

Me at the Hopewell Rocks

2009 Grand Manan Bike Trip

If you ever visit Grand Manan, and like to camp in cool natural environments, check out the Hole-in-the-Wall campground.  This campground has great cliff edge sites, including this one as seen from the site where my brother and I stayed after cycling to the island.

Our campsite was shared in the mornings by this gull.

My brother and our friend Paul decided long sleeved jersey's were the right attire for the long hot summer ride.  I opted for a lighter short sleeve shirt and got the sun burn I likely deserved.

My brother (again).  Now a grad student in BC, my brother and I decided we needed to do something very New Brunswick before he left.
Thus our 80 km trip to the island of Grand Manan.

My 2005 New Brunswick Road Trip

Way back in 2005 I decided to become better acquainted with my home province.  I drove around New Brunswick and took my bike out on several trails.  I was able to visit each of the cities in the province and saw a lot of smaller communities as well.  Here are some of the photos I took in no particular order.







A Few Photos from my outdoor adventures


Dominion Park (Saint John, NB) in February 2009


Fundy Footpath (Summer of 2008)

Fundy Footpath (Summer 2008)

My cycling partner and brother as we crossed the Gondola Point Ferry on a bike ride from Saint John to our grandparent's cottage on the Kingston Peninsula.

Me on the ferry to Campobello.

My fiancee cooked some fresh salmon on this fire on an outdoor excursion.






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