The ADGA is open to all Amateur Players. There is no handicap restrictions. All tournaments are scratch.

In order to get a tee time and play, contact Larry Horner at 330-928-5910. Leave a message stating your name, Preference on tee time (Early. middle, late) There is no guarantees that Larry will be able to provide you with your tee time preference. He does his best. The earlier you enter the better the chance of getting your preference. All money is collected the day of the event. You may pay in advance if you wish. That is not required.

If it is a team event, when calling for a tee time leave your partner's names as well. If that is not know at the time, then your partners name's will be listed as "Partner" on the tee time sheets.

There is a Membership fee paid when playing in your first ADGA event of the year. 30$


Golfer of the Year tournament - The final tournament of the year. The top 24 players on the ADGA point list qualify for the Golfer of the Year. Players must play atleast 3 events to be eligible. Last year 18 on the West, then 18 on the North. Cost, 20$ a day for Cart <Manditory>. There is merchandise awards for the top finishers. Points are given to the top finishers in each tournament. The top 24 point getters qualify for the Golfer of the year.