Step 1: Get the bridge code. On map first goto op disk. Get it. Also Loot 1.

Next: Get bridge and amory codes from room with Op disk terminal in it.

Step 2 1st) Return to Spawn point.
Next: Unlock the Elevator to the Bridge: this is in room labelled "meeting room kep pad" below.

Sometimes a droid must be repaired to open the door to this room is so see droid repair at bottom. Normally the code can be entered from the doorway. Next

Set the Fuel level to the highest setting.


Set Hyperdrive to the lowest setting:

As you approach hyperdrive There are a lot of guards and killer droids.

Next: Set Engines to Lowest setting. Also Loot 4

Once Engine set, backtrack to Hyperdrive setting point.

Its Ready to Blow. If you have Time Get Loot 2,3

Path is drawn from the Hyperspace setiing room. When leaving the bridge you will pass through this room

Finally Get off ship goto escape pods. This will be drawn from the Hyperdrive room as well.

Once on ground check your inventory, should cave Corvette trophy.

Check your badges, should have Alliance balor service medal.