65th Anual Junior Golf Tournament

J.Edward Good Park Golf Course

530 Nome Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44320

Phone (330)864-0020 Fax (330)375-2136

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The 65th annual junior golf tournament will be held at J. Edward Good Park Golf Course on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10th - 12th of July 2002.

All junior golfers 18 years of age and under are eligible to participate.

The first days play will qualify each player in one ten flights, which will include a championship flight. Youngsters 11, 12 and 8,9,10 will compete in there own flights.11, 12 one flight, 8 - 10 is another flight.

Entry fee is 40$, entitled the participant to 3 days of golf, prizes, and trophies.

Deadline for entry is Friday, July 5th 2002.


The entry fee must accompany the entry form.

Tee times will be posted on this same website.

Sponsored By

The Printers Devil of Hudson Ohio, Bill Stemple

The Cypress Companies and Jim McCready

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