My Personal Favorite PC Game.




Why: I love trains. The Graphics blow me away. I love the thunderstorms. Wow.

Back Ground

Railroad Tycoon 3 is a easy game to master. Once your railroad become profitable it becomes a race to see who can build their empire the fastest. Computer AI does not do very well. We, the human play get the first choice of location to start a railroad. That is a huge advantage in this game. One the Computer AI has a hard time competing with. Here are some scenarios I designed for Railroad Tycoon 3. They are not historically accurate. They are not literately accurate<Last Module>. The first two will help you learn to build an empire. The last two will test what you learned.

How to Save Module: Overview. Download the scenario file into the RR3 installation on your PC then goto start new module select a new module and look for it in the scrolling list of scenarios.

Step by Step:

1) Click on link, SAVE AS. Browse, save to "c:\program files\Railroad Tycoon 3\maps
2) Start Railroad Tycoon 3, click on New Scenario, Click on MAP then scroll down to you fine the Scenario Name.


Game1 - Eastern Mid West <Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia>

This is a easy game. Good one to learn on. I try to buy out all the computer companies and connect as many cities as possible. Hint: I live in Akron Ohio so Northern Ohio is the best place to start a railroad. There are no historical events in this game. Just a race against the computer opponents for wealth.


Game 2 - New York - Chicago Akron.

I took the New York to Chicago Scenario which comes with RR3 and modified it. I left most of the historical stuff in. I took out the WW1 event where the game takes over your railroad for a year. I added Akron to the map. There are several good spots to start a railroad. The computer opponents put up more of a fight in this game. I enjoy playing this senerio. It takes some thought and planning to succeed.


Game 3 - Transporting

I created this map from scratch and it is completely fictional. This game is about getting your resources to where they need to go. Your biggest battle in this game is when to expand. I have went belly up many a times because I expand to quickly. The computer opponents struggle as well. I had to put events in the game to keep the computer opponents from going bankrupt in the beginning. Once you get past the first half hour you must find a way to get your resources to the cities which need them and supplies back to the cities which gather the resources. I quit playing this game when I completed Game 4. It is worth a try. If you think it is stupid Game 4 is nothing like this one.

Game 4 - MiddleEarth

I decided to create MiddleEarth and put the inhabitants of MiddleEarth in an Industrial race against each other. The Shire is completely in the wrong spot. I wanted success in the game to revolve around it so I had to put it in the center of the map. I think this game would be a blast to play in multi user mode. This is the hardest game to win, the computer opponents will expand quickly in all directions. It is a race to 100,000,000 net worth. There are some wrinkles thrown in along the way. I love playing this game because the computer opponents put up a good fight. There are some problems with the events, it does not effect the game. I am sure someone could clean this up a little and make it really nice. There are times where trains should be destroyed, I do not think they get destroyed. Not sure why. It is a lot of fun. Note: You can have upto 5 players in this game. It is the most fun playing against 4 computer opponents. It takes some PC power to keep it moving once the game gets going.

Please feel free to modify the modules I have made to make them better. If you do, send me a copy. Thanks & Enjoy.