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Adrian Mole: the Cappuccino Years, by Sue Townsend

"An accidental celebrity, with a spreading bald patch, despairing of family values, Mole is still worrying: Is Viagra cheating? Why won't the BBC produce "The White Van", his serial killer comedy? Mole, aged 30 1/4, chronicles the closing years of the 20th century with slanderous abandon."

ISBN: 0718143671 | Our Price: £14.99 | Binding: Hardback | pp: 326pp. | Availability: 7-14 days + postage | Date of Publication: 07 October 1999 | Publisher: Michael Joseph (Penguin Books Ltd)


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Finding the Mole Books

From Liam Dillon: I let out a small gasp whilst looking through Waterstone's Online this evening. Coming in October 1999? Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years. Is that fun or what? ;o) Cheers, ~Liam :o)

From Peter K. Geddes: "I have some leads on those hard-to-find Adrian Mole books. My friend Judith, who loaned me the first two books, should be getting back from England and Scotland pretty soon and she has promised to be on the lookout for the books that I need. Also, her cousin just e-mailed me today from Ireland and he sent me the website for Waterstone ( where he says they have 17(!) Adrian Mole books listed. Well, that's all for now."

Professor says that "According to (Amazon Books), the new Adrian Mole book, entitled "Ghost Children" will be out this year. Search for Sue Townsend. I know I can't wait."

He also writes: "The people that run Amazon web site have changed their write up on "Ghost Children". It is a new Sue Townsend novel, but it is not part of the Adrian Mole series. Apparently it is the story of a couple who have an abortion and reunite and rekindle their romance later on and must deal with it. Not nearly as much fun as Mole. I wish she'd write another one. -Prof."

The Mystery that is the Adrian Mole Television Series


I've noticed that a lot of people, including myself, are wondering about the television program of Adrian Mole aired on PBS in the mid 80s. Here is the first bit of information I have received.

According to Megan McLeod, "the show did air in Canada on Showcase television on Monday afternoons for a while but...they stopped running them. GRR! Hopefully they will repeat soon. I'll keep my eye out. As well, all of the books are readily available in Canada. This happens often with British books (from what I know about shopping at Barnes and Noble and from a friend of mine in NYC.) A Commonwealth thing, I guess. Anyhoo, the point of that rant was to say that I'm willing to buy these books for people in the States if they want. Anything to spread the word of Adrian Mole and Sue Townsend." -- visit her website

17 Jan 1999
Has anybody got any videos of the Adrian Mole series? If so please write to me at Paul Evans
66 Milton Hill
North Somerset
BS22 9RF
Also, what are the lost years?

Mole Facts

Wed, 31 Mar 1999
Subject: kate winslet
she was on stage of Adrian Mole as Pandora! i just discovered on internet! how is that!!! a celebrity!! i think she would have been cute!!

Requests for information

Some Overseas Mail!

>Hallo Dana,
Hello Dana,

>Ich bin Sch=FCler des Leistungskurses Englisch am Gymnasium Landau und
I am a student (still in highschool) in the English program at the High school in Landau and

>m=F6chte meine Facharbeit =FCber Sue Townsends "The secret diary of Adrian Mole"
I am writting a research paper about Sue Townsend's "The secret Diary of Adrain Mole

> schreiben und w=FCrde dazu dringend Informationen =FCber die Autorin
and I really urgently need information about the author and secondary literature

>und Sekund=E4rliteratur (m=F6glichst in Englisch) ben=F6tigen.Vielleicht
preferably in English,

>kannst du mir weiterhelfen.
Perhaps you can help me?

>Ich bedanke mich schon im voraus.
Thanks for any help in advance

>Mit freundlichen Gr=FCssen, Claus Spranz
Best wishes Claus Spranz

P.S.: Ich bin unter folgender email Adress zu erreichen:

*Special Thanks to Miriam Hornstein for the translation!*

Letter #2

Dear Mrs. Kotler

I am an advanced english student of a german high school, who needs every available information about Sue Townsend's satire "adrian mole" 1st book" (true confession of adrian mole). It would be very nice, if you could comunicate with me and/or send me alle the information. Of course, I will pay all the costs you'll have.
I thank you in advance,


Claus Spranz

*I love this letter!*
Thu, 01 Apr 1999
Dear Dana,
before everything hi, they are a Italian boy that knows little English and I hope that this letter results the most possible comprehensible. I have read the secret diary of Adrian Mole and I have liked so much how initiated to look for in internet information on the book. Unfortunately in Italian I have not found anything while I have been seeing that in England there are many sites on him. I write you because I wanted to ask you what I/you/they am and how much the books are devoted to him, because me here in Italy I have solo the first one, that writing in 1982. I also wanted to ask you if you knew how to Sue Townsed idea has come to write this book. I would like to write what I feel for this book but I/you/they am not able to find the words, as I have told you I/you/they am not very good to write in English, I hope really that you understand. I hope that you can respond me, for I now greet you.
Hi Francesco

A Mole Bet - if you know the answer, send it to this guy

you could help me win a A $10.00 bet...
Did the Scottish Singer Lulu play Pauline Mole in the Television Series?
Thank you for a wonderful page on one of my favourite characters...
### Daniel Kennish ###
pedantic productions perth, w.oz
Tel 08 9444 7232
Mob 0417 986145

I just got The Lost Years from amazon earlier today and just finished reading it. I seem to recall taking more time reading the first two diaries (13 3/4 and growing pains) when I was about 13 or 14. The Lost Years seems to be made up of three books: true confession, small amphibians, and the wildreness years. Are these in entireties? or just parts of the books. Most of the little mysteries seem to be resolved in the next few pages, but one i think was never answered. Who gave Adrian that secret admirerer note? I think it was rosie since it was written with a felt tip pen and beforehand Adrian wrote that his father gave her felt tip pens. What do you think?

More Mole Mail

Mole Fan

Dear Dana,
Ooooh my God!!! I looooove Adrian Mole so much. I grew up in England and moved to the States when I was 14 (I am 22 now). My Mole books were what kept me going. I have read them about a gazillion times so far. The only other Sue Townshend book I have is "The Queen and I" and it is brilliant!!!!! I am so glad that I have found someone who loves Adrian as much as I do. Just my luck! Thanks for putting Aidy on your web page. Bert Baxter would be proud.
Love, Natalie Martin

Mole Reminiscing

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your Adrian Mole page.

I recently had a rekindled enthusiasm for the diaries after giving a reading to my year 6 students. Each member of staff was asked to discuss their favourite childhood book during assembly, and as expected, the virtue of Dickens, Shakespeare and Hardy was heavily extolled. I did not need to think twice about my choice however: that paranoid, self-obsessed philosopher, who accompanied me on so many of my own teenage voyages was like music to the ears of our most disillusioned pupils. Laugh? You bet they did!

Since rediscovered the Mole books, I have read all five volumes for a second time (they definitely get better with age).

Thanks again for keeping the character alive,

Chris Sperry

Mole Withdrawl

[excerpted]...I am suffering from Adrian Mole withdrawal, having read everything, including The Queen & I. I guess Rebuilding Coventry is next. That looks pretty good. Have any suggestions on books as funny as Adrian Mole books?

Take care,


The Brilliance of Mole


I got the first two books in paperback in the 1980s, but I read them so much that the pages started dropping out, so now I have the whole saga in hardback (although not nearly as easy to read under the bedcovers by torchlight). I think he is brilliant and when I was reading him every week could quote him verbatum. Btw, Bert Baxter must have missed a few birthdays, because he never seemed to age!

Louise Marston

Mole Dress-Up

From Christian Subject: Adrian Mole
Hi, I'm currently reading The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (aged 13 3/4) and enjoying it very much. On Friday 23rd April (World Book Day) all pupils at my Primary School are invited to dress as their favourite book charcater. I want to dress as Adrian Mole. There's just one problem, I don't know what Adrian Mole looks like or what he wears. PLEASE MAY YOU HELP ME! Either with a description or a picture would be great. Please include any suggestions for props that would help to identify this character. Please reply soon... time is running out! Christian (aged 11 1/2)

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