The Whosers take LA! October, 1998

The Group Photo
Top Row, L to R: Erin, Ashley, Sarah, Tashia, Cindy, Vanessa
Bottom, L: Dana R: Theresa

and now onwards...


the lovely and talented wayne brady, ladies and gentlemen... signing an autograph. (what a shirt!)

greg proops...with a smile!! can we imagine... THE SKULL SHIRT... AHHH! ::thunk:: (dana hits floor)

colin mochrie... such a wonderful man, such a fabulous improviser...and a certain greg proops, and a certain hand... possibly vanessa's.

the very newest cast member, denny siegel, with me... :) actually, i'm with her... she's so sweet!! and from new york!
*she performs in NY with Chicago City Limits, if anyone's in town... :)

my favorite picture of the lovely theresa and the lovely wayne brady!!!

cindy and colin!

i love this photo!!! thanks to ERIN for taking it :)


the page o'autographs...

And now, returning to photos taken before that wonderful final (extended) night in Hollywood...

ashley by the WLiiA sign (erin's head to the left, and vanessa on the right)

the whole gang (including natalie!) in Wolfgang Puck's
(L to R: cindy, erin, vanessa, natalie, tashia, myself, theresa, sarah, ashley)

(L-R) cindy, sarah, myself, and theresa "up against the hedge"

theresa and myself and our starbucks coffees :) mmmm... espresso...

ashley looking very angelic with the sun behind her - cindy (R) and the back of erin's head (L)


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