The Wayne Brady AOL Chat
(sometime around november or december 1998, 1:00 AM)

OnlineHost: OnlineHost: *** You are in "The Bowl". ***
GrapeNutzo: (999)hi guys
Vanessa15: (999)hey dana!
GrapeNutzo: (999)i can't believe how much time i've wasted not studyng
GrapeNutzo: (999)who else is here/
GrapeNutzo: (999)?
Vanessa15: (999)me too :)
Vanessa15: (999)just us :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)ah... i thought someone else was here too...
GrapeNutzo: (999)we'll only get the diehards
TashiaCS: (999)Hi Dana
GrapeNutzo: (999)although it's only 10 for you... it's almost one for me
GrapeNutzo: (999)hey tashia :)
TashiaCS: (999)it's almost midnight here
Vanessa15: (999)do you think i should send the questions now?
GrapeNutzo: (999)12:50 here
GrapeNutzo: (999)i'm sending some.
TashiaCS: (999)I'm saving the transcript of this one till tomorrow
TashiaCS: (999)I don't think there's anyone taking questions now
Vanessa15: (999)good idea tash
Vanessa15: (999)no?
Vanessa15: (999)i can't think of anymore...
GrapeNutzo: (999)amy is here... so maybe we can send questions...
Vanessa15: (999)maybe :)
ABC Amy: Wayne Brady will be with us again in just under 10 minutes....
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeeha...
GrapeNutzo: (999)i'm so unenthusiastic...
TashiaCS: (999)OK, now we can ask :)
Vanessa15: (999)wooohoo!
TashiaCS: (999)aww Dana
Vanessa15: (999)questions... i can't think...
GrapeNutzo: (999)i asked 2 already... should i repeat them?
ABC Amy: Send your questions to Wayne now by clicking on the Participate in Event button.
Vanessa15: (999)yeah... might as well
GrapeNutzo: (999)i just sent 3
Vanessa15: (999)i just sent two... oh well :) i can't think of more
GrapeNutzo: (999)how was the show tonight?
TashiaCS: (999)I wish I could remember the other questions I had that didn't get answered
GrapeNutzo: (999)i only caught the very end...
TashiaCS: (999)it was really funny
GrapeNutzo: (999)i was at the opera scenes performance here.
TashiaCS: (999)Greatest Hits and Party Quirks were hysterical
GrapeNutzo: (999)it wasn't one of the ones i was at, right?
TashiaCS: (999)nope, none of us was
GrapeNutzo: (999)doh.
Vanessa15: (999)oh i know!
GrapeNutzo: (999)what?
Vanessa15: (999)it was hysterical
Vanessa15: (999)i'm a little slow
Vanessa15: (999)standing ovation?
GrapeNutzo: (999):)
GrapeNutzo: (999)i sent another question.
Vanessa15: (999)wow, that was cool! :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)will ashley show up?
TashiaCS: (999)I sent in two questions now
Vanessa15: (999)i doubt it... :(
GrapeNutzo: (999)is it time, is it time?
Vanessa15: (999)i did three i think... did i? i forgot :)
ABC Amy: Good evening everyone! Wayne Brady will be joining us in one minute. Submit your
Vanessa15: (999)lol
GrapeNutzo: (999)i did about 5
ABC Amy: questions to Wayne now by clicking on the "Participate in Event
ABC Amy: button
Vanessa15: (999)yay!
TashiaCS: (999)there are only 38 people now!
TashiaCS: (999)there were 10 times as many for the last one
GrapeNutzo: (999)cool!
TashiaCS: (999)much better chance of getting our questions asked :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)i just sent in a question asking what his favorite hat is.
TashiaCS: (999)lol
TashiaCS: (999)oh, that just made me think of a question
Vanessa15: (999)i am stumped for questions :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)and i asked the clive/drew question... not that it'll get picked... but i figured i'd try.
ABC Amy: And now, I'd like to introduce, the multi-talented star of ABC's WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY
GrapeNutzo: (999)how about boxers or briefs, from the whosers?
TashiaCS: (999)lol Dana
Vanessa15: (999)WOOHOO!
ABC Amy: Waynneeeee....Brady!
Vanessa15: (999)go for it dana! :)
TashiaCS: (999)YAY!!!!!!
Vanessa15: (999)YAYYYYYYYY!
GrapeNutzo: (999)yay!
BigDogg4: (999)kick ass
ABC Amy: Welcome again Wayne!
GrapeNutzo: (999)did it.
WLiiAWayne: Hello everyone! Nice to meet you... kind of. :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)from all of us.
Vanessa15: (999)right on!
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah!
Vanessa15: (999)lol!! :)
WLiiAWayne: I don't mean kind of in a bad way... ;)
GrapeNutzo: (999)are you saving this one too tashia?
ABC Amy: We're going to take a question from Springcup:
Vanessa15: (999)hehe!
Question: Mr. Brady, How did you learn to imitate so many people so well?
GrapeNutzo: (999)i tried to save it before but i couldn't
TashiaCS: (999)sh*t
Vanessa15: (999)sh*t?
GrapeNutzo: (999)sh*t?
WLiiAWayne: Just a childhood habit. Being the class clown and also singing along
WLiiAWayne: with song on the radio -- you become a pretty good mimic.
GrapeNutzo: (999)i also asked if he was typing or if they got someone to do it for him.
ABC Amy: Here's one from GrapeNutzo:
TashiaCS: (999)I forgot to log - thanks for reminding me
Question: GrapeNutzo is asking: wayne, are you typing this interview for yourself
Question: or did they get someone to do that for you?
GrapeNutzo: (999)ah!!!!!
TashiaCS: (999)I'll paste what's up here
Vanessa15: (999)ack!!!!!
TashiaCS: (999)YAY!
GrapeNutzo: (999)oh my god!!!!
TashiaCS: (999)good question!
Vanessa15: (999)YAY!!!!!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)YES!!!!!!!
Vanessa15: (999)right on dana!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)save this!!!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)what's his answer?
Ilvpoon: (999)you happy ass?
WLiiAWayne: That's funny! No... I'm not typing the interview myself, there's someone typing it who is
Vanessa15: (999)lol :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)so now we know!
WLiiAWayne: a much better typer than I. And I'm dictating the answers to my questions to an ABC
WLiiAWayne: typist. :) But it is me answering!!! :)
Vanessa15: (999)wow!
ABC Amy: Vanessa15 asks:
Question: Has Ryan or Colin ever stumped you during Greatest Hits? Cause they sure
Question: try! :)
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!
Vanessa15: (999)again!
TashiaCS: (999)lol
Ilvpoon: (999)vanessa? are you hot?
WLiiAWayne: To this day I have a perfect record as far as Greatest Hits with Ryan
GrapeNutzo: (999)YEAH!
TashiaCS: (999)cool
GrapeNutzo: (999)we're 2 out of 3!
WLiiAWayne: and Colin. They have come so close so many times!
ABC Amy: SkooBDooo asks:
Vanessa15: (999)lol!
Question: what's it like working w/ drew carey?
WLiiAWayne: It's great!
Ilvpoon: (999)would i do you at the drop of a dime?
WLiiAWayne: Drew is a very nice guy and has made me feel welcome. :)
ABC Amy: EVera007 asks:
Question: Wayne- Will you ever be returning to the wonderful BEETLEJUICE show at
Question: Universal Studios Hollywood?
Vanessa15: (999)LOL!
Vanessa15: (999)the beetlejuice show!
Ilvpoon: (999)why are you laughing so hard?
WLiiAWayne: Well... hopefully things will continue their upward arc and I will no longer
GrapeNutzo: (999)i'm so excited my question got asked!
Vanessa15: (999)right on, GN! :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)and he said i'm funny!
WLiiAWayne: have to perform at the Beetlejuice show. I loved doing it! But I love TV more.
Vanessa15: (999)you ARE funny, my friend! :)
WLiiAWayne: But if this is my director of Beetlejuice... or any of my cast members... I'm going to get
GrapeNutzo: (999):) shanks :)
WLiiAWayne: you! But if I need a job... I'll put the wolfman makeup back on in no time. :)
ABC Amy: TashiaCS asks:
Question: Wayne, I loved you in Vinyl Justice. Two questions: Can we look forward
Question: to new episodes of the show, and are the reactions of the people on the street
Question: really spontaneous?
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)YEAH! 3
GrapeNutzo: (999)!
GrapeNutzo: (999)that's 3 so far!
TashiaCS: (999)yes
Vanessa15: (999)YAY!!!
WLiiAWayne: The answer is thank you so much for watching Vinyl Justice!
Vanessa15: (999)lol!!!!
TashiaCS: (999)lol
WLiiAWayne: I don't know the show's current status, but it will be doing it without out.
WLiiAWayne: without me...
TashiaCS: (999)oh damn
Vanessa15: (999)awwww
GrapeNutzo: (999)so much for a better typist...
WLiiAWayne: And the second part is yes... we surprised each of those people. Except the celebrities,
Vanessa15: (999)lol!
WLiiAWayne: who knew that we were coming... they just didn't know to what extent we would harass them.
ABC Amy: Here's another one from GrapeNutzo...
Question: GrapeNutzo is curious: hey wayne! what did you think of meeting your
Question: "cheering section" at the 'Whose Line is it Anyway' tapings this fall?
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!!
TashiaCS: (999)lol
GrapeNutzo: (999)YEAH!!!!!!!!1
Vanessa15: (999)great question!!!
WLiiAWayne: I loved it! :)
Vanessa15: (999)YAY!
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah!!!
WLiiAWayne: As I've told some of the Whosers, it's so great meeting people who really
Vanessa15: (999)faint
GrapeNutzo: (999)oh i am so happy!!!! [thunk]
WLiiAWayne: love and appreciate what I do. And the Whosers are pretty much... they are pretty much
Vanessa15: (999)pretty much...?
TashiaCS: (999)lol
WLiiAWayne: the most appreciative of any other show's fans. :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)someone just im'ed me asking me if i know wayne
TashiaCS: (999)awwwww
Vanessa15: (999)WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
Vanessa15: (999)louder THUD
ABC Amy: IVpoon asks:
Vanessa15: (999)lol dana!
GrapeNutzo: (999)SWOON!
Question: How often are you recognized in public?
GrapeNutzo: (999)good question
Ilvpoon: (999)Thank you
WLiiAWayne: A couple times a day. It's a great feeling. :) It's better to be
GrapeNutzo: (999)that's cool.
WLiiAWayne: recognized as a "Hey, aren't you that guy..." as opposed to "Hey, you! Get out of my way!
GrapeNutzo: (999)i love the man!
ABC Amy: Here's a funny one from JennahRox:
Question: Wayne, how does it make you feel to know that I was slapped with an
Question: eviction threat for playing your show too loud and laughing myself silly??!!??
Vanessa15: (999)lol, gotta love him :)
TashiaCS: (999)hehe
WLiiAWayne: Oh my gosh!!! Sorry to say, but I feel great! :)
Vanessa15: (999)lol!!!
WLiiAWayne: Next time, watch all you want, just don't be so loud! And if you ever need a place to
GrapeNutzo: (999)hehehehehehehe!
WLiiAWayne: stay...
WLiiAWayne: don't call me. :)
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!
GrapeNutzo: (999)aggggggggggg!
WLiiAWayne: But thank you! :)
Vanessa15: (999)hahahaha
ABC Amy: Vanessa15 wants to know:
GrapeNutzo: (999):)
Question: Will Houseful of Honkeys ever go on a tour? :)
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!
Vanessa15: (999)again!
TashiaCS: (999)yea
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah!!! 4!!!!!
Vanessa15: (999)lol!
WLiiAWayne: Very likely. We are performing here in LA starting in January at the ACME Comedy Theater,
Vanessa15: (999)YES!
GrapeNutzo: (999)cool!
TashiaCS: (999)wow
WLiiAWayne: trying to attract notice to get a development deal for the group.
WLiiAWayne: We're also going to the Austin Comedy Festival called The Big Stinkin' Improv
WLiiAWayne: Festival -- and that's in April.
Vanessa15: (999)TASH!
TashiaCS: (999)yes :)
WLiiAWayne: Later on in the year we may take our show on the road.
TashiaCS: (999)they went last year too
Vanessa15: (999)you lucky!!!
ABC Amy: LilCelsk asks:
Question: Do you go clubbin alot
Vanessa15: (999)will you go?
GrapeNutzo: (999)great question... right.
Vanessa15: (999)geesh
WLiiAWayne: Not at all! Not unless it's to get dinner. :) No, I'm a homebody.
GrapeNutzo: (999)i would love to...... but i'll be in paris.
ABC Amy: TashiaCS asks:
Question: Do you have any upcoming TV appearances besides Whose Line that we can
Question: look forward to? Including talk shows, I loved seeing you on Donny and Marie
Question: and Howie Mandel
TashiaCS: (999)I probably wont' still be here in April
Vanessa15: (999)awww
TashiaCS: (999)cool
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)YEAH! 5!
Vanessa15: (999)WOOHOO!
TashiaCS: (999)what did I tell you? :)
WLiiAWayne: Awww, thank you very much for watching those! :)
Vanessa15: (999)awwwww
WLiiAWayne: Yes, on December 25 -- Christmas -- I am a special guest on the Disney Christmas special
Vanessa15: (999)oh thats right, tash :)
Vanessa15: (999)YES!
TashiaCS: (999)oh that one :) that's right
Vanessa15: (999)i know what i'm doing christmas day... hehe :)
WLiiAWayne: Christmas morning... and I have a few others, starting in January I will have a
Vanessa15: (999)well.. .besides the christmas thing... :)
GrapeNutzo: (999):) i have nowhere to be... being... um... jewish and all
WLiiAWayne: site and you can get all the information about those things there.
Vanessa15: (999)huh???
GrapeNutzo: (999)there is/????
ABC Amy: VTRAVELER writes:
Question: Is there anything that we might find in the video store that you have
Question: been in your great! Rich & Melissa
TashiaCS: (999)no sh*t?!?
Vanessa15: (999)tash??
TashiaCS: (999)well that's very interesting
GrapeNutzo: (999)eh?
WLiiAWayne: You are too. :) A Disney film called "On Promised Land" with Joan Plowright.
ABC Amy: I'm guessing you don't sing in that one? ; )
Vanessa15: (999)there is no such thing...
Vanessa15: (999)i just looked it up
TashiaCS: (999)he said in January
Vanessa15: (999):(
WLiiAWayne: And you can find me on reruns of older episodics like "I'll Fly Away," "In The
GrapeNutzo: (999)no site
WLiiAWayne: Heat of the Night," and a few very bad after school specials on PBS!
ABC Amy: Pharoah1 asks:
Question: How is that you can make up the rythm, the words, and the ryhmes so
Question: quickly?
WLiiAWayne: My built-in metronome. :)
Vanessa15: (999)tash, you ok?
WLiiAWayne: I just love music, so the music aspect comes very easy to me.
GrapeNutzo: (999)hehehe... and built in tuner :)
WLiiAWayne: Thank goodness, or I'd be broke! :)
ABC Amy: Do you and Laura Hall practice tunes ahead of time...How do you know what she's going
ABC Amy: to play?
TashiaCS: (999)I'm fine :)
WLiiAWayne: No, we really don't see each other before the taping.
TashiaCS: (999)I just wish he'd told me about it
Vanessa15: (999)you'll have to ask him about that
GrapeNutzo: (999)HEY, abc amy is interjecting her own question!
Vanessa15: (999)maybe he was kidding?
GrapeNutzo: (999)what?
TashiaCS: (999)maybe they ran out, lol
WLiiAWayne: Sometimes we'll get together before -- like a week beforehand -- and just practice styles.
TashiaCS: (999)didn't sound like he was
WLiiAWayne: We get a feel for each other, but we don't practice any songs, specific songs.
ABC Amy: SKI23ZZ asks:
TashiaCS: (999)I mean, can I really put "official" on it if he has his own?
Vanessa15: (999)
WLiiAWayne: Ooooh... definitely 50s, 60s oldies.
GrapeNutzo: (999)it doesn't exist!
Vanessa15: (999)yeah you can, tash!
GrapeNutzo: (999)if he OK's it, it's fine!
Vanessa15: (999)yeah, it doesn't exist.. i don't think it will either!
WLiiAWayne: Sam Cooke, the Temptations, Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, gosh there's so many...
WLiiAWayne: just the whole Motown sound.
TashiaCS: (999)he did say January guys - it's only December
ABC Amy: GrapeNutzo has another "favorites" question:
Question: what is your favorite hat?
TashiaCS: (999)lol
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!
Vanessa15: (999)thats 7!
Vanessa15: (999)favorite hat? :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah!
Vanessa15: (999)lol, you're kooky :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)from hats!
WLiiAWayne: One from the summer... the M'butootoo like virgins. :)
TashiaCS: (999)hehe
Vanessa15: (999)lol!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)right!
ABC Amy: CHouse122 asks:
Question: Who was or is your comedic inspiration?
GrapeNutzo: (999)we're up to 6 i think!
Vanessa15: (999)7!
Vanessa15: (999)i think...
GrapeNutzo: (999)cool!
WLiiAWayne: Hmmm... people really don't know him for his comedy but I'd have to say
GrapeNutzo: (999)i'm saving it, we can go back and look.
Vanessa15: (999)okie
WLiiAWayne: Sammy Davis, Jr., Flip Wilson and Danny Kaye. All three of them used music in their
WLiiAWayne: comedy.
WLiiAWayne: Oh -- and Dick Van Dyke!
ABC Amy: GRACEFB asks:
Question: When is "Who's line is it" anyways going to be on the regular schedule
Question: on ABC?
Vanessa15: (999)right on!
GrapeNutzo: (999)isn't it now?
Vanessa15: (999)not quite, dana... i dont' think
TashiaCS: (999)I don't think so
WLiiAWayne: Well, we are on the regular schedule right now because we're a replacement.
GrapeNutzo: (999)oh.
Vanessa15: (999)or... i could be wrong :)
TashiaCS: (999)there's something else that's supposed to come in its place later, I think
WLiiAWayne: Further on down the road, we need to see if we get picked up. And the only way we'll get
WLiiAWayne: picked up is if people watch! So spread the word, please! :)
Vanessa15: (999)if we watch! :)
Vanessa15: (999)WE WILL
ABC Amy: TashiaCS asks:
Question: You're so good at any song style that you're given - which one is your
Question: personal favorite?
GrapeNutzo: (999)i am so happy... :)
TashiaCS: (999)lol, no problem there
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah! 8!
Vanessa15: (999)geesh!!! :)
Vanessa15: (999)good question! :)
TashiaCS: (999)thank you :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)this must be a record... yeah, good question!
WLiiAWayne: Well I guess the songs that I like the most fit the music I like the most.
Vanessa15: (999)i think it must be :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)better than hats...
GrapeNutzo: (999) :)
WLiiAWayne: The 50s, 60s R&B love ballad. Because you don't expect anything that funny to come out of
Vanessa15: (999)no way, dana... nothing can top hats :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)i think the questions this time 'round have been much better.
WLiiAWayne: something that sounds so good. Followed up closely by the Broadway musical style. I love
WLiiAWayne: that.
TashiaCS: (999)lol Dana - cause we asked most of 'em
Vanessa15: (999)i think so :)
ABC Amy: Brn2Rck asks:
GrapeNutzo: (999)*(maybe because 3 of mine got in... 4?)
Question: How did you get "discovered" to be on Whos' Line, and how can I get on
Question: the show??!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)ha!
Vanessa15: (999)true tash :)
Vanessa15: (999)ha, sure man...
WLiiAWayne: I sent in six proofs of purchase...
WLiiAWayne: No, I'm kidding. :)
TashiaCS: (999)rotfl
GrapeNutzo: (999)heheh!
Vanessa15: (999)rotfl!!!
ABC Amy: !
TashiaCS: (999)lolq?
Vanessa15: (999)made her laugh too!
Vanessa15: (999)hahaha
WLiiAWayne: No, I just auditioned. I auditioned with everybody else, and I won the comedic
WLiiAWayne: lottery. As far as you getting on, you would have to audition too.
TashiaCS: (999)she laughed so hard she put an extra letter in it
WLiiAWayne: Definitely come out that auditions are posted, or if you have an agent, bug them -- and if
WLiiAWayne: you're funny enough, ask them to bug the production company, Hat Trick.
TashiaCS: (999):)
ABC Amy: Here's a question that always seems to come up when we have male chat guests!
Question: The WHOSERS would like to know... boxers or briefs?
Vanessa15: (999)dan patterson
TashiaCS: (999)ROTFL
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!!!!
Vanessa15: (999)DANA!!!!!
TashiaCS: (999)omg
Vanessa15: (999)THUNK
GrapeNutzo: (999)that was me!!!!!! thank you!!!!1
WLiiAWayne: Briefs. :)
TashiaCS: (999)YES
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Vanessa15: (999)DOUBLE THUNK
GrapeNutzo: (999)at least my name didn't go on it!
WLiiAWayne: With an occasional thong...
TashiaCS: (999)lol
GrapeNutzo: (999)ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Vanessa15: (999)::melts:::
GrapeNutzo: (999)[thud]
ABC Amy: Autumnpay has a beef with Drew:
Question: Why did it take you so long to acutally "win" on the show?
TashiaCS: (999)Oh Dana, you just provided the highlight :)
Vanessa15: (999)you did dana!!!!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)oh why thank you! if only ashley was here.
GrapeNutzo: (999) :)
Vanessa15: (999)lol dana!
GrapeNutzo: (999)we'll share this transcript!
WLiiAWayne: Don't beat Drew up just yet. We tape a few different endings, and it's just an editing
WLiiAWayne: matter. :) So, Autumn, don't beat up, Drew -- just know that in the next
WLiiAWayne: few weeks, I will win some more. :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)we knew that... :)
ABC Amy: Reed3007 asks:
Question: whats the funniest thing thats happened to you on the show??
TashiaCS: (999)ooh good one
GrapeNutzo: (999)good one.
Vanessa15: (999)the boos :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)when laura broke up
TashiaCS: (999)he's probably going to say that
WLiiAWayne: Well, during my very first episode ever I had use the bathroom, and I had
GrapeNutzo: (999)uh oh
TashiaCS: (999)lol
WLiiAWayne: to use the bathroom because they have pitchers of water up there, and I was so nervous
Vanessa15: (999)lol!
WLiiAWayne: that the only thing I did during the first hour of the taping was drink water.
GrapeNutzo: (999)um, ryan anyone?
Vanessa15: (999)lol dana!
WLiiAWayne: And by the second hour I thought I was going to burst, or pee my pants. But I couldn't
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah, me too, during that first taping!
WLiiAWayne: get up. And Ryan and Colin were laughing at me because I was the "newbie." :)
ABC Amy: TmThWhoman asks:
GrapeNutzo: (999)newbie!
Question: What is Ryan Stiles like off the set?? is he just as zany??
TashiaCS: (999)aw, he said newbie
Vanessa15: (999)lol!!!
Vanessa15: (999)zany? lol
WLiiAWayne: Actually, no! Ryan is a really level-headed guy. Great business head.
WLiiAWayne: He has a very quick sense of humor, but he probably is one of the more
WLiiAWayne: even keeled people that I know.
GrapeNutzo: (999)unbelievable
Vanessa15: (999)wow... thats weird :)
ABC Amy: ShariElto wonders:
Question: Do they need a certified massage therapist on the set???
GrapeNutzo: (999)?
Vanessa15: (999)lol
TashiaCS: (999)Go Shari
GrapeNutzo: (999)hehehe... good one
TashiaCS: (999)lol
WLiiAWayne: They don't, but I do! :)
Vanessa15: (999)wayne!
ABC Amy: Pharoah wants to know:
GrapeNutzo: (999)that's not sharilyn is it?
Question: With all the improving going so fast, does filming take a long time?
TashiaCS: (999)yes
GrapeNutzo: (999)I'LL DO IT! I'LL BE THE MASSEUSE!!
Vanessa15: (999)no, its shari..
TashiaCS: (999)I mean no
WLiiAWayne: Not at all... filming takes two hours, exactly.
GrapeNutzo: (999)RIGHT.
Vanessa15: (999)YES it takes foreverQ
TashiaCS: (999)improving? i think that's improvising
WLiiAWayne: It's the pick ups or shots that we've missed during the show -- *that's* what takes a long
GrapeNutzo: (999)it's improv-ing
WLiiAWayne: time.
TashiaCS: (999)ah
ABC Amy: SkooBDoo asks:
Question: how come you're not on the drew carey show?
GrapeNutzo: (999)great question... grrrr...
WLiiAWayne: Good question! :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah right.
Vanessa15: (999)LOL!
WLiiAWayne: Write all your letters to Drew. Tell him that I must be on next season!
Vanessa15: (999)hehehe!
ABC Amy: ROCPUP000 has an original one:
Question: If you were the star of a video game on nintendo or sega, what's the
Question: name of the game, what's it about, and what would your character be?
Vanessa15: (999)omg...
GrapeNutzo: (999)oy yoy yoy...
TashiaCS: (999)that's tough if you don't play those...
Vanessa15: (999)it is!
GrapeNutzo: (999)it would be called tetris and i would be the long skinny brick.
WLiiAWayne: That's a great question because I'm a great video game freak!
Vanessa15: (999)lol dana!
WLiiAWayne: Hmmm...
TashiaCS: (999)lol Dana
Vanessa15: (999)hmmm?
GrapeNutzo: (999)really?
TashiaCS: (999)well, we know what to get him for Xmas, lol
Vanessa15: (999)he's a great video game freak?
Vanessa15: (999)wow!
TashiaCS: (999)or a wedding present
Vanessa15: (999)lol, wedding presents for BOTH of them.. hehehe :) not just the waynester :)
WLiiAWayne: It would be... a 3-D action fighting game called ... Captain HaHa!
Vanessa15: (999)captain HaHa? :)
TashiaCS: (999)lol
WLiiAWayne: And I have to take down my opponents by tickling them into submission. And it would
GrapeNutzo: (999)oy.
TashiaCS: (999)rotfl
WLiiAWayne: be played on a brand new system called the Brady44.
Vanessa15: (999)hello! :)
TashiaCS: (999)yes!
ABC Amy: Unfortunately we're going to have to wrap things up...the final question is from Boochick8
Question: do you have a fan club? if not,can i start one for you?? :)~
TashiaCS: (999)we're his fan club :)
Vanessa15: (999)NO!
Vanessa15: (999)we're his fan club!!!
Vanessa15: (999):)
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah!
WLiiAWayne: I would love it if you started one for me! None of my friends care! :)
TashiaCS: (999)tell her Wayne
TashiaCS: (999)awww
Vanessa15: (999)ACK!!!
Vanessa15: (999):(
ABC Amy: Well Wayne, you've already got a HUGE unofficial fan club!
Vanessa15: (999)*sniff*
TashiaCS: (999)hehe
ABC Amy: We care!
TashiaCS: (999)atta girl Amy
GrapeNutzo: (999)he.
GrapeNutzo: (999):)
Vanessa15: (999)GO AMY!!
GrapeNutzo: (999)i care :)
WLiiAWayne: Awwww... :)
ABC Amy: Thanks again for joining us tonight. It's been a treat
GrapeNutzo: (999)awwww!
GrapeNutzo: (999)bye!
Vanessa15: (999)awwww :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)wayne!
WLiiAWayne: Thank you to everyone for watching and for chatting with me! It makes me feel loved.
TashiaCS: (999)you are :)
TashiaCS: (999)you are :)
Vanessa15: (999)sighs
WLiiAWayne: Now if you keep that up for... I don't know... the next 13 episodes, then we can do this
WLiiAWayne: some more. :)
ABC Amy: Keep watching WHOSE LINE on ABC Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m., ET/PT so that we can get
TashiaCS: (999)lol
ABC Amy: Wayne back!
GrapeNutzo: (999):)
GrapeNutzo: (999)yeah!
ABC Amy: goodnight everyone!
Vanessa15: (999)Ok!
WLiiAWayne: Yeah!!! :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)this has been cool :)
Vanessa15: (999)indeed :)
TashiaCS: (999)ok, back to mirc :
Vanessa15: (999)maybe he'll come online soon :)
GrapeNutzo: (999)that would be cool, but he's not at home...
GrapeNutzo: (999)if the abc guy is there...
Vanessa15: (999)hmm.. true :)