the wacky British, yes, it's
BRITISH! program which pits comedian against comedian in a hilarious competition to think fast and create improvisational scenes, music, and even infomercials!

Sites you MUST visit:

Mark Longmuir's guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?
Dean's Whose Line Page
Whose Board is it, Anyway?

For WLiiA news, visit:

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Whose Board is it, Anyway?
Official "WHOSER" Event Organization Board
The WLiiA Newsgroup
The #WLiiA Chat Board
ABC's Official Site for WLiiA
Hat Trick Productions' Official Site for WLiiA
Comedy Central's WLiiA page

Assorted WL Facts and Queries
The WLiiA FAQ and Fanfic page (Julie)
The completely erroneous WLiiA facts page
Hmmm... what's up with Michelle's page?
The WLiiA Obscure Reference Page
Watership's Guide to WLiiA (Denise)

(Michelle's site...moving to: http://wliia.tvheaven.com)

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