Character Bios
(note: first names come last in japanese)

Name: Isarugi Takuya
Birthdate:April 11
Birth Location:Toyama
Blood Type: B
Height:172 cm
Duties:Mechanic for the AIRBATS
Other Comments: He was an otaku (he has a billion anime figures in his room) so he was sent to the Airbats. His vast knowledge of fighter planes and other military things is very useful to the group. His only flaw is that he acts immature.

Name: Mitaka Arisa
Birthdate: August 14
Birth Location: Chiba
Blood Type: B
Height: 163 cm
Measurements: 86-59-88
Duties: Pilot
Other Comments: Mitaka is considered the "tough girl" of the whole squadron. She is also so talented at flying that she was accepted to fly as a combat pilot, but she declined due to her love for Isarugi. She had been sent to fly in the Airbats because she beat up someone in her former group. She likes manju*, sleeping and riding her bike. She hates konnyaku**.

Name: Haneda Miyuki
Birthdate: September 3
Birth Location: Aichi
Blood Type: 0
Height: 162 cm
Measurements: 82-58-87
Duties: Pilot
Other Comments: Haneda had always wanted to become a fighter pilot, and when she told her superior officer of her dream, he simply laughed at her so....she slapped him - hard. Through this incident she was sent to be in the Airbats. She likes blueberry pies, cooking, playing volleyball, and tennis.

Name: Konishi Mitsuru
Birthdate: n/a *he is thirty years old*
Birth Location: n/a
Blood Type: n/a
Height: n/a
Measurements: n/a
Duties/Rank: Pilot/Captain of the Airbats
Other Comments: He's into body building and weightlifting. He had always liked Sakura, but found that he could never tell her. He hates singing/listening to singing.

Name: Saginomiya Sakura
Birthdate: January 1
Birth Location: Tokyo
Blood Type: 0
Height: 168 cm
Measurements: 86-60-88
Duties: Pilot
Other Comments: Her husband died a long time ago, and now she is a widow. Her and Yoko seem to be the only in the group that is called by her first name and not her family name. Since her father took her to the racetracks often when she was young, she has become a avid gambler. She also likes karaoke and her best song is Hisame.

Name: Shimorenjaku Yoko
Birthdate: July 25
Birth Location: Shizuoka
Blood Type: A
Height: 157 cm
Measurements: 78-57-85
Duties: Pilot
Other Comments: Yohko would be considered the team ditz not on because of her ungodly pink hair, but just the way she thinks. She's not a very good pilot *SHE SUCKS!!!*, and can always be found eating. She really isn't important to the team, but she does serve as a comic relief now and then. She often goes to the movies, plays with her famcom, or is shopping. She is usually a navigator for Sakura. Her bat Chii-chan is always with her when not flying.

* Manjuu is a steamed yeast bun with filling
** Konnyaku is jelly made from starch of devils tongue or pressed vegetable

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