801 TTS AIRBATS Images

Arisa Mitaka in her jet the cover for the first volume in the series the name of the squadron Isarugi leaning near Honoda the 801 jets doing a maneuver called the blooming flower...or something like that Mitaka in the background with Kumi in the foreground Honoda doing a final check on her panelboard Komatsu Base: home of the AIRBATS...why is it being blown up?! Honoda surprised by Mitaka's moves Honoda yelling at Mitaka through com net The planes the AIRBATS use to fly: Mitsubishi F-1 The F-1 firing missiles Mitaka looking back in her plane Mitaka with a determined look to her face Mitaka and Honoda Mitaka saving Kumi from death Honoda Miyuki Isarugi Takuya Mitaka Arisa Captain Konichi Sakura Sgt.Yohko 801 Yoko sakura

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