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Hajimemashite! Dozoyoroshiku! (Welcome! How do you do?!) Welcome to my zone web surfers! This site is about anime and PSX Games, fit for any pic hunter anime and game fans out there. Oh yeah, don't forget to sign my guestbook. And if you want something added just email me and I'll try to honor your requests. =) Be sure to check the update page to see the new stuff I put in the pages!! Oh yeah and please report any broken links to me! I'd be more than happy to fix it! Don't see the series you like? Come back later! I'm still posting up a whole lot of stuff!! Now 'nuff of the talking and scroll down already!

2-15-00 This is just a quick run down-if you want to know everything. Please check out the update page for all the info in detail!

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Hi everyone. The pictures here are free to take, because hey! That's what the internet's here for! =) Just give us some credit here. Oh yeah! All the pictures here are copyrighted to their respected owners! Without them, this page would never have become what it is now. If you guys have any pics you want to donate you can contact the webmasters at the addresses to the left. Thanks a bunch! Enjoy! >^.^<

*NOTE: Please do not request hentai, because the request will be flatly refused.*

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