Final Fantasy 6 (j)/Final Fantasy 3 (a)
cant say much about this. It's just a pic with various characters in it
Final Fantasy VI (j) / Final Fantasy III (a)

1000 years ago the world was obliterated after the tragic battle known historicly as the War of the Magi. Today, high technology has been rediscovered and life is thriving. Likewise, the mystery of the past feeds the curiousity of a vast Empire and those who control it. With the recent discovery of an Esper in a distant mining town, the key to possessing Magic has become more realistic. It will take the power of a rebelion and a Kingdom to stop a mad man who thirsts for the power of Magic.
Wondering About the j's and a's and why there are two titles? Well the J simply means that the name was FInal Fantasy 6, here in America we call it Final Fantasy 3. Either way, the storyline is absolutly compelling.

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