Final Fantasy VII Review
Final Fantasy 7 Review

You have waited for 3 years. The feeling of that
chocobo rush still high within you. The beat of the
moogle dances still ringing in your ears. And guess
what? Squaresoft dares to present more. Welcome to the
dark world of Final Fantasy 7! Truly, the greatest RPG
that ever graced the Playstation. Taking control of a
mercenary, a flower girl, a martial arts expert, a
father and fighter, a former spy, a materia hunter, an
enigmatic beast, and a pilot, you will battle
phenomenal monsters, take on a worldwide
mega-conglomerate, and struggle with your own past as
you travel accross a luscious 3-cd world filled with
mystery, excitement, and adventure. Along the way, you
will encounter many others, ranging from soldiers to
sages. You will fall in love and learn to hate at the
same time. And as the plot thickens, you will be
plunged into hell itself to save the world from a
power-hungry maniac and a world-wide threat that
threatens the very existence of your soul. That is the
essence of Final Fantasy 7. Life. Plus a big comfy
couch, cuz trust me guys, you're gonna be glued to thegame for months on end.

Pros: Great character design (anime), amazing
soundtrack, phenomenal graphics, the list goes on.

Cons: Horrible translating.

*this review was done by Ken

Rating System

1-I'm gonna hurl because it sucks so much...

2-Unless you're a big fan of the game, don't get it.

3-Average. It's pretty cool with minor flaws that won't really bother you

4-Very Good. Good game play, original, packed with goodies, but it's missing something that would have made it a 5.

5-Excellent! Stuff like this makes you glad to be the proud owner of a PSX and the game...


Final Fantasy VII is a copyright of 1999 Square Co., Ltd.

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