a squadron of veritechs

Depending on what episodes you are watching it is all Robotech, but in different formats. This is a breif sypnopsis taken from the official macross site (the link is below.

In 2009A.D., human beings are facing the greatest crisis they have ever experienced before. The era of confrontation almost as long as the history of mankind has at last come to an end and the first United Government for all human beings has recently been established, when armed extraterrestrials come close to Earth. The forces of the Zentraedi start their attacks on Earth with overwhelming military strength. The invincible space battleship, Macross, which is to be launched on the day, is obliged to participate in an actual battle immediately after the launching ceremony. However, since Macross is still on the testing stage, it is defeated because of the failure in forlding (instantaneous transferring). With as many as 56,000 citizens on board, Macross is wandering out of the Solar System into its circumference. The Zentraedi are coming after Macross with their formidable forces. Without knowing the fate of Earth, Macross sets out on its long, trouble-plagued journey back to Earth.

At last, mankind is encountered with extraterrestrials! Two forces are fighting with each other in the vast space. One is the Zentraedi consisting of solely male soldiers. The other, the Meltrandy, is a female force. In 2001A.D., Earth becomes involved in this battle. While Macross, the space fortress, is fighting back against a sudden attack, it mistakenly goes out of the Solar System to its circumferential area without any means to return. In the middle of fear and despair, the curtain is raised for a story of cruel battles. For the survival of mankind, Macross launches its last attack with Lynn Minmay's singing as an only weapon.

*taken from the official Macross Site:

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