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E-mail: afi_cgap@yahoo.com



Here is how it works:

Step 1 E-mail your project's drawings (site plan, floor plans, elevations & sections) preferably in AutoCAD V14 DWG format. Include viewpoint & direction on site plan, colours and materials on elevations, as well as whether the final product is to be a landscape or a portrait image.

Step 2 Transfer US $500, as the first portion of the fees, using Western Union to Ashraf Fouad Iskander, Cairo, Egypt. E-mail the details of the payment.

Step 3 Within a week, you will receive a draft image. Please take your time to check the draft perspective carefully since any modification requests after sending back your remarks will be unfortunately ignored.

Step 4 Within three to five days from receiving your remarks, you will receive the final product as a true colour image with around 3000x2000 pixel resolution, via e-mail.

Step 5 Upon receipt of the final product, you will need to transfer the remaining portion of the fees (US $250), in the same fashion and via Western Union.